Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sat. Dec 11th Moving on Down the Road

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006 

 Where are we Today?

        Well we have been in St. David resort for over a week and want to move 5 miles down the road to Valley Vista Resort in Benson. There is something about this resort that just keeps us coming back even thou we end up paying $14.00 a night, that's quite a bit for our membership camping. But includes cable tv (whether you want it or not) and one hour a day of wifi. Oh yeah did I mention that Junction Express is at the front of the resort with cold beer, cheap gas and we can smell the broasted chicken being prepared all day long.
Leaving St. David
        So after coffees computing and walkabout the ponds we secured our house and head to Benson. We checked in and got set up chatting with a new neighbor from Montana. On checking in we find out that a French Canadian Rally is pulling in today with 25 coaches in all. We managed to pick a nice site not too close to this large group.
our site
nice view
         Ok now that we are here and set up, a quick bite for breakfast then downtown Benson for Christmas on Main St.
        Heading into town we saw a line up of coaches for the Rally waiting for each other at the side of the road.

        Now the nice thing about small towns is there is never huge crowds, love it! We drove along Main st, and stopped at the 5 different areas, walked about the vendors checking their wares, such a great selection of crafts, food, lots of entertainment, and even Santa Claus was there. We enjoyed the lovely warm sunny day walking about. Strange thing we notice here is I am in shorts and T-shirt, other people too, (its 75f) and a lot of the local people here are wearing sweaters, jackets and winter boots.
Suzie chatting with a vendor
        They even had the BAT (Benson area Transit) bus with a free shuttle around town.
        Now we saw all we  wanted  it was time to get back home and do laundry before all of these Canadians that are arriving today decide to take over the laundry room, they are here for 5 days the same as us. While waiting for the machines to finish I read in the shade and checked out the pool and hot tub, perfect temperature!

        All done laundry can sit in the sun and shade behind our coach with our books enjoying the desert air.
        Ok now its time get out our Weber to grill a couple hamburgers, and our fry Daddy for a few fries, perfect supper for a wonderful day.
        Then to top off a prefect day, while chatting after supper, we have a beautiful moon rise view thru our front window.

A few more pictures here

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  1. hope you didn't get too tired after that big move...

  2. Contessa:



    Was a big day and were able to relax!.......

  3. I love moves like that. We had our longest driving day since Oct. 1 today! I guess those 25 coaches would have filled up the park a bit. Love the moon shot, too!

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Enjoyed your post! Looks like nice weather in the Benson area with plenty going on.


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