Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, December 02, 2011

Thurs. Dec. 1st. Good-bye Texas

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
 since August 2006
Where are we now?

        Well today we left Fort Stockton Texas after coffees, computing and a walkabout the Walmart parking lot and store about 8:15 am heading west.
todays travels 342 miles
       It was a long day but the Texas rest areas and our Sirius radio kept us going. Not much along this long stretch of interstate except miles and miles of plains, just set the cruise control and listen to the tunes.
lotsa hiway
painted overpasses
long trains
more hiway
       Nice rest areas like this one with T-pees for picnic shelters, we had lunch here.
Then we came to El Paso a bit of traffic and huge overpass for people heading into Mexico.

Mexican traffic
       The interstate here is right on the Mexican border as we can see the fence from the road.
we are close
       We stopped for fuel the Flying J in Anthony Tx $2.93 gal (.77 cents a litre) great price! And saw this old pickup truck with a matching travel traveller kinda cool too.
cool camper
        A little further passed another border checkpoint, homeland security then on into New Mexico
Homeland security
       We now know we have left Texas and are heading into desert. Familiar signs about dust storms and zero visibility reminding us. Also high wind warning and tumble weeds blowing across the highway exploding into a cloud of dust when you hit them.
       Shortly after 2 pm (3pm local time now on mountain time) we pulled into the Walmart in Deming New Mexico. We were directed to the RV parking area and parked in the row, chatted with security and our neighbors for a while. Some from Michigan, New York, Tennessee and Florida, even a happy hour in the parking lot.
Happy Hour
Suzie's dog fix
         Suzie got to play with the neighbors dog for a bit too.
set for the night
       Then I got to make a chicken pot pie with some of our left over rotisserie chicken, potato salad and a couple of crescent rolls with the leftover dough.
pot pie 
tasty supper
         Now to wrap up a perfect day, a beautiful New Mexico sunset from the Walmart parking lot.
Life is good !
Saint David Arizona in the morning for a week or so.

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  1. noticed your travel path on the map is making a smiley face - must mean you are getting close...

  2. heyduke50:

    Yes close to Arizona and California, for some reason juts can't seem to stay away!

  3. That'a a first...happy hour in a Walmart!

  4. and another great day in the rving life :) good for you be safe out there...

  5. Great photos. It is so strange to think that we took almost the exact same photos about 3 weeks ago. It's like doing that trip through Texas all over again!

  6. Looks like you had a great travel day, George.
    We look forward to seeing Arizona, and maybe Desert Hot Springs, so we can compare then to Texas.
    Funny, everyone around here says we will not like Arizona as much as Texas, because of the blowing sand and cold nights.
    But folks who love Arizona, complain about Texas winds and humidity.
    Guess we will have to see for ourselves, as this is all new to us.
    Take care ... TnT

  7. Contessa:

    Even security stopped by at Happy hour to chat!

    Elaine and Rick:

    Soon your turn!


    Not a lot too look at except what we saw!


    All these place have good points and bad, you enjoy the ones that you like and meet people everywhere.


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