Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sun. Dec 11th Tombstone

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 Where are we Today?
Day trip to Tombstone
        Well its sunny and Sunday and Suzie's arm is feeling much better a good day for the 20 minute drive to check out Tombstone. We have been here a few times, its kinda neat, very commercialized but never too crowded and always a fun day. All the stories and legends of old cowboys, gunfighters settlers  etc. Parked on a side street and a stage coach comes by with a few people taking a tour. Just let your mind wander and drift back to the old days with the cowboys, gunfights, saloons and shady ladies.

yep smells like the old west
        There is only a few blocks of Allen st, with lots to look at. Shopping, gift shops. town and mine tours, gunfights restaurants and saloons. Even a typical Boot Hill cemetery on the edge of town is fun to walk thru.
a nice quiet morning
        We wandered down the street checking out different shops and enjoying the fresh air. Until we came across our favourite Saloon "Big Nose Kates". Always a fun place to get some atmosphere, a cold beverage, a bite to eat and some entertainment in the form of good music, dancing or taking you picture with a gunslinger or shady lady.
        Well we entered the Saloon and people out of nowhere came in shortly behind us, pretty well filling the place up. It was the 50 French Canadians that had pulled into our park yesterday.
As they were getting seated, we got our food and drink orders in then sat back and enjoyed the music, dancing, good food and antics of this fun loving group.
tasty sampler
good entertainer
        Check out the sign in the mens' washroom over the ice filled trough.

        After this  much fun, we carried on checking out a few more shops up and down the street. I guess the vendors had been warned of the French Canadians coming to town today because a few of them greeted us in French when they saw our Canadian Flag pins that we wear. We passed an interesting shop that Suzie would not let me check out.
bar maids?
        Having checked out all we want back home to relax and display my new souvenir from Tombstone. And relax in the sun with our books for a great afternoon.
what time is it? Beer 30!
        Now soon to fire up our Weber to grill a couple pork chops and potatoes for a yummy supper.

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  1. Looks like you had a nice day in Tombstone. The saloon looked like fun. What more could you ask for? After all a good beer, music, appetizers and 50 French Canadians to boot. Enjoyed your post and pictures.

  2. Allen and Lolita:

    Glad you enjoyed , thanks for stopping by!

  3. Michael:

    Yes Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. No matter how many times yo visit Tombstone it is still enjoyable.

  5. LOL, love the new sign! Beer:30! Very appropriate, you say it all the time!

  6. lou:

    Yep we do they must have heard us!!! Lol....

  7. We were in Tombstone back in January 2005, like you said very touristy but we had fun and enjoyed ourselves. It was so cold when we were there we had our mittens and toques on while we watched the gunfight show at the OK Coral.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Kevin and Ruth:

    Can be cold here in January. We did Ok Coral once was neat, and paid for a couple other gunfight shows over the years. Like the free ones, can spend the money on lunch instead.

  9. Thanks for the tour of Tombstone today.

    We hope to get there this trip as well.

    Your supper looks awesome again !!

    Take care ... TnT

  10. T n T:

    We always enjoy Tombstone, for a nice little day trip when in the area. Everybody should go there once. Another cool one is Gamon's Gulch.


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