Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Tues. Dec. 6th. Movin on down the road!

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 Where are we Today?

        Another cold night, good for sleeping, up early as usual, turn on the heat and get comfy. As the sun rises things begin to warm up and coffee is good. Computing is slow but we got er done. A nice walkabout with frost everywhere but nice dry fresh air and sunshine, yes!.
a frosty bridge
        Once the frost melted off the car I took a quick trip to Benson, stopping at Cates and Hall Rv parts supplies, to pick up a propane filter for our portable Buddy propane heater, they just happened to have a new one there half price ($6.00) and then ordered a new inside air conditioner grill a good price too.  If its for an RV Betty can get in for you quickly at a reasonable price.

        Back home I checked with the office to see if we could move sites, because this site was a dead zone for our 3G internet service, no problem so we packed up and moved 6 sites down and wow! Our internet (I-Coach) is working fantastic. Go figure!
our new site
some kind of cactus behind us
a cool looking shed beside us
         Now about twenty minutes later and we are moved and set up again. Everything is good I am happy and Suzie is happy. I'll tell ya if a man has a "happy wife" he will have a happy life. Now Suzie can get back to her Geneology research and healing her arm, its getting much better by the way. And I can do some more research and blogging as well.

        Now it was so nice and sunny, no wind and the pool and hot tub were calling my name, so down I go, not crowded (nobody there), the air is only 55f (12c) but the hot tub was 103f and the pool about 80f with steam coming off them so in I go. Soak into the hot tub and swam a few laps to fix Suzie's arm , when I was done she felt much better (she had a nap).
wonderful pool and hot tub
       Now all invigorated with bright sunshine we were able to relax outside with our books for a couple hours. The trick is Arizona sunshine and no wind it was fantastic.

        Soon its time for me to whip up supper. Last nights roast beef was excellent and you weren't here to help us eat it, so tonight a hot beef sandwich, gravy, garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli with cheese sauce worked for us, but still have left over beef, maybe roast beef sandwiches for a couple lunches would work. Hey that was only half the beef I bought on sale, the other half is in the freezer for some time in the future.
very tasty
        Any how, thats the day, moved 200 feet to a new campsite and our I-Coach system is working great, the pool was hot, a sunny warm day, got a deal on rv parts, enjoyed our books, a tasty supper and each others company, doesn't get any better than this.
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  1. Looked like it turned out to be a perfect day. Hot tub, sunshine, Good icoach connection, and a delicious looking dinner. Life is good.

  2. Allen and Lolita:

    Yes it was a perfect day, thanks for stopping by.

  3. you couldn't ask for a better day than that...!! glad suzie's arm is getting is definitely good!

  4. Elaine and Rick:

    Yes a great day, relaxing, enjoying and getting her better.

  5. Hey George, question about the propane filter. We have a Wave 6 heater, that we hook up to a quick disconnect in the motorhome, fed off of our main propane tank.
    Should we have one of those filters as well ??
    Thanks in advance .... Trent

  6. Dead zone, Tombstone !! Glad things are perking up including the weather.

  7. TnT:

    Don't think so its just the Mr. Buddy heater suggests one if hooking up to a larger than one pound cylinder, this is just a spare for us, I sold my other spare. Ours is hooked directly to unregulated propane from the coaches tank.


    Yep getting there.


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