Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sat. Dec.3rd, Enjoying St. David AZ

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
 since August 2006 

 Where are we Today!

       We are now in Arizona, small towns, desert, dry climate and lotsa sunshine.  St, David is a Western Horizon resort part of our membership parks and we can camp here for two weeks twice a year free. Suits our lifestyle perfectly. Full hookups, cable tv and wifi (when its working) heated pool and hot tub, lots of activities if you wish and we love the area.
       Yesterday our internet quit working so Suzie spent a couple hours on the phone with I-coach attempting to resolve the issues until they were done work at 7 pm Ontario time. Then this morning they called us back tried a few more things, then had Telus support call us and work on a few more issues finally after a few hours of free tec support (free phone calls too!) we are up up and running again, not real fast but working, maybe need to look at a few more issues next week we will see.

       While she was doing this I went to Benson uploaded our blog at the library, picked up a few groceries and stopped by Cates and Hill Rv and MH parts and supplies ordered and auxiliary outside step for our coach that will be delivered on Tuesday. We have dealt with these people before, small town hospitality good prices (and a 10 percent discount) and if not in stock they can get it in a few days.
just what we were looking for, and the price is right
       Back home just puttered around a bit,  walkabouts the resort and chat with a few people including a couple from Ontario just north of Toronto on their way to Mexico for the winter as they have done for many years. Got a chance to check out our sway bar situation under the coach, and even sat in the sun for a while with our books. Oh yeah and time for a beverage as well.
guess which one is mine?
       Again the day just wasted away and before we know it time for supper. Another easy one today leftover chicken pot pie, a tossed salad and fresh potato buns, yummy.

        Now to put our feet up and hope for a nice day tomorrow (I am sure it will be) for a bit of a tour to Tombstone (The town too tough to Die!) Its pretty commercial but fun, I do love just walking along the board walks of an old western town, checkout the cowboys, lady's of the night, stage coaches, saloons and maybe take in a gunfight our two and we don't have to spend any money unless we want.
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  1. Wow, nice looking resort!

  2. Lou:

    Yep we like it here, one of many that we enjoy.

  3. i keep toying with joining thousand trails and may do so on our journey west next spring...

  4. Heyduke50:

    So many options out there and all work pretty good as long as you use the system, we have saved a LOT of money over the years! The trick is research.

  5. Which level of RPI is that? We have RPI Plus and don't have any free resorts. Only $10 a night.

  6. Daryl:

    This part of our ROD memberships (Rock Glen resort in Ontario) we have around 80 resorts that we can access free, we don't have RPI.

  7. You really can have a happy hour with that beverage!!!

  8. Thought I should stop by and say hello.
    When I first came to AZ. We went on a little journey to Thombstone and Bisbee,the year 1976. Bisbee was falling into ruins and St. David was still a quiet little town like now but... That RV Park was nothing. Of course it was already dark but we had a bbq and the mosquitoes were eating us alive.
    Then it was turned into that beautiful RV Park, when it first opened it was called Twin Lakes. Just in case you didn't know that LOL. I had gotten some free dates there when I bought my first little camper but never did get to use it. They sent me things for a long time then gave up.

  9. Contessa:

    Yep sure can!


    Thanks for stopping by and giving us a bit of local history!

  10. what a gorgeous park...looks like you both had a wonderful day...and another one heading your way tomorrow :) enjoy

  11. It is looking more and more like we need to get into ROD!


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