Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wed. Nov. 9, Where did the day go?

        It was raining most of the night and most of this morning as well. Supposed to rain all day. So computing and coffees we discussed that maybe we go for a drive into Hammond and check out the town, never been there.

        Well as we are thinking about getting ready to head out a car pills up and stops, to say hi there people from Ontario. License plates give you away every time! We started to chat and realized that we had briefly met at Rock Glen Resort in Arkona Ontario a few years ago. We discovered that we have some mutual Rv friends as well. So we sat outside and chatted, and we chatted sharing stories and information until next thing we knew it was time for lunch. Oopps we were going to be back by lunch. Well Ron went back home, his wife would be looking for him and we had lunch.

       Now determined to go for that drive we hopped in the car and headed out enjoying the drive and sights along the way. Was too nice now the sun was shining and the rain stopped. But I got Suzie to go for the ride she has a mission, needs a new pair of shoes. Now this is a lady who actually hates shopping unless she has a reason, so in a store look for what she wants, not there, outside let's go.
Suzie wait for me!
        We found a few stores to check out, nothing there so on to Walmart, stop at the bank machine there for some cash, I look at the food, found a sweet potato for supper and some "cervesa" Tecate  "hecho en Mexico". So I get another small Mexican fix with a Mexican Beer.
        The good news is Suzie found the shoes she wanted and she's happy, now a couple more things she would like to look at too.(We are on a roll). We need new pillows, a new toaster, bath soap and a few other things as well, oh no a shopping monster. Eventually we ran out of steam paid the bill and headed out to load up the car. Suzie does not like shopping at all, usually leaves that up to me and on the rare occasion that she does come with me its kinda fun!

        Now on to our original destination Camping World, not much we need, just like to look at the RV stuff and see if anything new we might need. Here I got talking to the service department about new bushings for the sway bar on our coach. Four previous places we checked we had various different answers, none of them the right one. Now here they can get the parts and install what I want to have done. Problem being it will take two weeks to get the parts, guess I should have come here two weeks ago when we arrived at Abita Springs. Oh well we are not staying here another two weeks, want to get moving again soon so will go to plan "B". Not sure what plan "B" is, we will have to think about that for a while, but we do have the part numbers and suppliers name.

        Now by this time its after 4 pm we both had our fill of shopping so back home unpack the car and I fired up the Weber to make a tasty supper of grilled pork chops and sweet potatoes with apples, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon, a vegetable that tastes and smells like desert.
        Ok that's it  for today it did end up to be a nice sunny afternoon, that we missed, oh well, will try again tomorrow.
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  1. Well the Tecate cerveza is getting you closer to Mexico, why not just continue on souh into Mexico?

    You could order the parts you need and have them delivered to your next destination.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. We were going to stop in at that CW in Hammond, but travelled on to the big one at Katy, Texas. Stayed overnight in their parking lot. It is a HUGE store, got away with those 2 directors chairs and a donut for the sewer. Could have spent a whole lot more!!! Like a new braking system (Invisibrake) but resisted the urge. Will send our Brake Buddy to the factory for repair instead.

  3. Kevin and Ruth:

    Considering there is two of us travelling we need to agree on a route that we are both comfortable with. I am only the pilot I go where the navigator tells me.

    For the parts I think that's what we will do, probably try and set it up for Tucson Az, early December.

  4. Daryl:

    Like those chairs eh?

    Yes get the brake buddy fixed, ours has worked flawlessly since 2006, save you money.

  5. We haven't even been able to pick up Tecate, the only store on the Isla that sell it is on a different timetable than us!

  6. Contessa:

    You have a timetable? There is always, Corona, Pacifico, Negra Modelo, Dos Equis XX, Sol and so on all are good in my opinion. If it was me I would change my timetable, if I had one.


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