Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sun. Nov. 13th, To Turtle Bayou RV park

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

284 miles/ 457 kms today
        Just a wonderful sunny, warm morning and we are going to hit the road. We just computed and coffees for a while until the spirit moves us then gather up our stuff and hit the road about 9:00am heading west along I-12 and I-10 . This is further than we like to travel but with the interstate we can make time and have seen many of the places along the route in the past. So watching the sights and just boogying along with the tunes from the 60's on our satellite radio made for a fun day on the road and the miles just slipped by. The satellite receiver was given to us by friends Mike and Trish, they had a couple of extra ones. We thought we would try it out and found it to be great (thanks guys). Lots of choices and always have our radio station, no commercials and we have so many choices. Our two favourites are Prime Country and hits from the 60's.

        One of the things we noticed along the way was the abundance still, of the Fema trailers left over from Hurricane Katrina they were specially built and brought here as temporary housing in 2005. Still most are brand new and unused, cheaply built but very cheap to buy.
Fema Trailers
        A little further along we cross over the Mississippi River, noticing the Riverboat casinos and barges on this busy muddy river.
Mississippi Bridge
River Boat Casinos
        Just cruisin along enjoying being on the road we come to the Atchafalaya River Delta and the series of bridges 18 miles long thru the swamps of Cajun Country.

14 th longest bridge in the world
        As we left Louisiana we stopped at the Texas Visitor centre, to stretch a bit, make a bite to eat for lunch and pick up some information of the areas we will be in while in this state about three weeks or so. I-10 here is 880 miles to reach the west end of Texas which we will travel on and off for this time.
Texas Visitor Centre
        One thing we have noticed over the years is the marking on the pavement to show you what lane you need to be in without taking your eyes off the road, this is real handy in large cities with multiple lanes and lots of traffic.
Lane signs
        Shortly after 2pm we arrived at our destination Turtle Bayou RV Park right on the Bayou as the name suggests.
our site
the Bayou
        Their website is nicer than the resort but its is convenient, full hook ups, free high speed internet, very clean modern washrooms and another membership park. The owner is very friendly as well, attempting to sell this resort, after running it for 18years so that they can make use to the nice coach they have and travel like their customers do. We choose our site in the open for the full sun as opposed to the bush sites beside the water. We are here for two nights and close to the interstate (probably too close for most people) but does not bother us.

        So we set up our satellite dish enjoyed a beverage then fired up the oven, (no barbie tonight) for a nice supper of meatloaf, garlic whipped potatoes and carrots roasted in honey and butter, gonna have some leftovers for sure.
so tasty
        Now we can chat a bit, read for a while then watch the Battle of the Blades, Suzie's favourite show that's on Sunday and Monday nights,  That's why we are here for two nights and I set up the dish, it is on CBC. Really great watching professional hockey players team up with professional figure skaters and compete to raise money for various different charities.
hit counters
Visitor Number
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  1. Good point about the signage painted on the roadway. You must have put your cold weather clothes away for now.

  2. Contessa:

    Cold weather clothes are just in the closet not far, sure don'y need them right now, slept with windows open and fan running!

  3. great signage on the road...sure would take some of the stress off 'watching' for signs which is usually my job...glad the cold weather clothes are safe :)

  4. Elaine:

    Yes the signs are great as is the weather, you soon be heading south!


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