Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, November 04, 2011

Thurs. Nov. 3, Beer lovers Dream.

        We had a bit of rain overnight and a drizzly morning for a while. My walkabout the ponds was quiet and the scenery totally different today. The leaves are crying over the weather.
tear drop

        But it was still pretty nice, a little cooler around 65f (16c). So today I choose to take a short drive to   Acquistapaces's Supermarket in Covington a locally owned supermarket, so much different than the chain stores around. The produce and meat counters with a huge variety of products and quite a few different ones as well.

        Then they have a huge room off to the right, actually another whole store here. For wine, beer and spirits. I think one of the largest I have seen, 4 long isles, with a selection second to none, pretty good prices as well. Especially when it comes to the beer selections.
1/2 of one isle, spirits
Beer selection
more beer selection
         Beer selections like I have never before seen in my life sold by the single bottles on shelves and actually about 10 of theses cooler doors full. Wow so many choices, even at sampling a different one everyday it would take many years to taste them all! Truly a beer lovers heaven! Think about it Ken and Larry!

        Well I started with buying one interesting looking inexpensive bottle, today. I am not a beer connoisseur I just like beer that tastes good, they are either good or not so good and this one was good, very black.  I have to go  back tomorrow for another flavour.
Todays taste
        I had thought maybe we would do another free tour of Abita Springs Brewery, but that was not in the cards today, we have toured there about 5 times already, and you get to sample all of their 14 different tasty brews. Its been about 8 months maybe something there is new?  You can click here for our tour back in March of this year. So today I settled for and enjoyed the Shiner Black Lager.

        Well about mid afternoon the sun came out and so did we to enjoy it and our books outside, until it was time to fire up our Weber (with a new regulator it works awesome again). The ultimate test is our favourite, a whole chicken with grilled potatoes and broccoli for tonight. Done to perfection in only 90 minutes. I just put the chicken on the preheated grill, med low, close the lid, don't touch it and like magic its done.
so tasty
         Looks like we will pass the 50,000 mark for visitors today since I installed the counter. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Hi there,
    We are in Abita Springs (309) for the weekend. Meeting our son in New Orleans Saturday or Sunday.

    Mike and Dee White

  2. Daryl:

    There ya go we are onsite 223, we here until Tuesday!
    We go looking for ya.

  3. George; If you can share the address of that store with me I might just put it in my GPS, just in case. How did you like the Shiner Black?

  4. Larry:

    The Shiner black was quite tasty, I enjoyed it. The address is:
    Acquistapace's Supermarket
    125 E. 21st Ave.
    Covington, La 70433


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