Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fri. Nov. 5. TGIF !

        TGIF!! I remember working and always lived for friday and the weekend, no work, for one or two days, can go camping, time to enjoy life. Well now we get to do that every day of the week and we can say TGIF everyday, but there is only one friday in the week. Its just so nice to wake up every morning and celebrate that we are upright, breathing and in a campground somewhere, life is so amazing!

        So this morning coffees and computing, a walkabout the ponds, with the warm water causing steam into the cool morning air and the suns rays shining thru, reflecting the shore line, magical!
another great day
        Now out and about we headed up to the clubhouse for some free coffee and chat with friendly talkative Kim here in sales about Ocean Canyon Properties. We already know quite a bit about the company and were thinking about maybe in the future purchasing another membership system. We got the information we asked for, had a nice conversation and now have some more food for thought.

        Then a trip to Acquistapace's in Covington for a few groceries and another beer selection for today. The beer from Covington Brewery a Bayou Bock, "Liveley as a Cajun Two step"it says on the bottle. Then off to Walmart to fill our 5 gallon water bottle and purchase another 90 day card for my Personal USA Tracfone.
yes it was very tasty
        Back home Suzie sorts the laundry and I hauled it across the road to let these machines do their magic, while I return home waiting in the sunshine reading a book. Then haul it back home and she can put it away, works for us. I noticed as well its getting crowded here, the Canada Geese are beginning to like this resort too!
I think they found this landing strip
        Just another great day and time for supper so I fire up the Weber to grill a nice Pickerel fillet and a rice pilaf for supper. The Pickerel we brought with us from Ontario.
love our Pickerel
        Now after supper I checked email and found a message from Mike and Dee, we met them this past summer at Galvin Bay resort in Ontario. They had just arrived here at Abita Springs and were on site 209, not far from us. So we grabbed a beverage and wandered over to say hi and chat for a bit, then give them some time to settle in for a couple of days. They had been following our Blog and knew we were here. Such a small world , never know when we are going to run into people we know.
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  1. Hi George and Suzi. Just getting caught up on your blog, since we have wifi today.
    You will have to show me how to clean our blinds when we meet up, the one over our sink is getting pretty bad...LOL
    We crossed the might Mississippi today, so we are in Louisiana too
    Take care...TnT

  2. TnT:

    No problem cleaning the blinds is just part of our annual cleaning process, kinda like spring cleaning you house, but juts when I feel like it and the weather is right.

  3. Your photos are great. That particular store could be a danger to your health/

  4. Contessa:

    Thanks, This store is not too bad if I don't buy too much, looking is fun too.


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