Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sat. Nov. 19th Funny weather

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

        Last night was cool in the evening then during the night it got warmer and warmer, windows open and fan on, almost thought we would have to turn on our air conditioner. But we made it thru the night, now you don't need to feel sorry for us, we are glad to test out these areas and report back even if we only get sunshine and warm weather in return.
egret by the pond
        The rest of the day was mostly hot and humid with a few periods where the temperature dropped and it cooled down considerably for 30 minutes of so, then hot and sticky again. Overcast for most of the morning so we did the coffee thing, computing, walkabouts and vacuumed out the car while Suzie helped Pat resolve a few issues on her computer.

        After a light lunch we took a short drive to Goose Island to view the big tree again and see if we could spot a few Whooping Cranes. On the drive there we see another tree just sitting there right in the middle of the intersection. I wonder how many cars have run into it?
         We drive around this tree and are looking for the signs to the Big Tree.
there it is
a nice drive
        Well we came to the parking lot for The Big Tree and it was full, there must have been 30 or more people gathered around looking at this poor old tree. Much too crowded for us, we have seen this tree before, it is over 1,000 years old and recent estimates believe it to be closer to 2,000 years old. But here is a picture we took last spring (I don't think it has aged as much as us, since then).
The Big Tree
        Well the tree was too crowded to stop at and the Whooping Cranes were not in their usual spot! We forgot today is saturday, no wonder the crowd by the tree and the Cranes may have the weekend off. No problem thou we had a nice drive anyway along the waterfront and returned home to relax in the shade, then the sun for a while, happy hour and solve the problems of the world.
lets be happy!
        Ok now after an hour of happiness, its starting to get dark and we need to get down to the serious business of cooking supper. An easy one tonight, fire up our Weber to grill a couple of pork chops and a simple rice pilaf for a great light tasty supper.

        Now a quiet relaxing evening with Suzie, our books and a bit of tv. Thats it now for another exciting day in the lives of two wandering soles. Being successful so far in searching for sun in all the right places.

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  1. yep, it looks like you two had another rough day...

  2. Heyduke 50:

    Well somebody has to do it, may as well be us!

  3. glad your taking one for the team guys!! :) No pity coming from this end for you lol enjoy!!

  4. How can you forget that the cranes take the weekend off?

  5. Contessa:

    Well I forgot, being retired we don't get days off anymore!


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