Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sat. Nov. 12 LARF

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        Saturday morning and a beautiful sunny day. The campground is pretty full and people are  getting up and about.  They golf carts are beginning to start rolling, wow I have never been in a resort like this! Golf carts everywhere, if we really wanted we could fit in too they rent them here only $95.00 a day. Not too likely!!
Hey Ride
hey Ride

golf cart rental
        Our typical morning, leisurely coffees, computing and walkabouts for the first three hours or so then we are going to the LARF ( Louisiana Renaissance Festival) only about a 5 minute drive from our resort. Gotta get there before 10 am its a busy place.
Entrance way
        Now here we are at the festival. The majority if the people were dressed in period dress (the people working there have a name tag). As we entered and began looking around this is a huge place in the forest that runs for 5 weekends in November every year.  Thru the entrance greeted by Lords and Ladies, magicians and signs to everywhere.
Lords and Ladies
        So we walk past a few vendors and came upon a magician starting a show,  so we sat on a log and enjoy 30 minutes of magic and comedy by this talented young man, balancing, juggling and eating fire.

        As the show progressed he asked for help from the audience, one couple was the ones sitting beside us and when she came on stage he knelt down and proposed to his girlfriend, and she said yes, and everybody lived happily ever after. The show was good too!
he proposes and she says yes
        Now we walked thru the forest so much to see, craftsmen, blacksmiths, wood workers, candle makers , glass blowers, spinning wool, the falconry, owls, hawks, parrots.  The people powered rides and strange games.
cool ride
Head toss game
        There was an abundance of stages and pubs with music, bag pipers around, parades, food vendors with so many choices, a pickle cart, chocolate cheesecake on a stick, chicken or steak on a stick, turkey legs etc... everything done in the period theme. We watched shows, saw demonstrations, the jousting match, had a bite to eat. A burrito for me and quesadilla for Suzie and of course a pint of Guinness.
jousting match
        And near the end we stopped and chatted with our camping neighbor and his wife working here selling stone oil lights, very interesting.
our neighbor
Neighbors wife selling stone lanterns
         It took us almost five hours to walk around thru the forest once and we could have just kept going  because the shows we constantly changing on the different stages. Instead we returned home to relax with our books and enjoy the sunshine.

        Relax a bit and a few small chores, before making a couple of hot dogs for a light supper, we are on the road in the morning.
a couple of loaded hot dogs for supper

 Now here is a bunch more pictures that I took today

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  1. I think anyone paying $95 a day to rent a golf cart are nuts. You can rent a car for cheaper than that.

    I have always wanted to go to one of those Renaissance Festivals. It sure looked like a lot of fun. Glad you had a good time.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:
    I agree about the golf cart rental.

    The festival was great and not too badly priced for what we got. Fourteen dollars each, lunch $5.00 each and beer $4.00. Of course you can spend a lot more if you are so inclined!

  3. Nice day! We used to go to the Renaissance Festival in Milton years ago. As for golf carts, you see lots of them at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground. And we noticed a lot of people towed their own around on a trailer behind their RV. We should take ours with us, eh?! lol Save the rental fees and wear and tear on my bionic knees!

  4. 95 for a cart!!!! No way Jose...

    We use to go to the Ren Fest in Texas (I use to get complimentary tickets from a beer distributor) and we always had a good time there despite the beer prices...

  5. Sounds like a great LARF! Would like to take it in sometime.

    As to the gold ( oops golf ) carts, even in our park at home they only rent for 25.00/day. HAve you ever been to a classy Palm Springs RV park, the golf carts are all painted to match the rv's, etc.

  6. Lou:

    Yeah you should just hook the trailer and take your cart with you, but yours is a gas one need to check and see if its allowed.


    We had a great time and the $4:00 beer prices are not too bad compared to Canadian prices.


    There is losta Ren festivals all over and they all different. We have seen some pretty awesome customized golf carts in various places and even videos of resorts in Florida too.


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