Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, November 07, 2011

Nov. 6, Sunny Sunday

        Well with the time changed on our clocks we now have daylight before 6 am. We like that much better now, but still get up before the sunrise, in our opinion the best part of the day. Then we can get everything we want to do, done earlier so the we can enjoy the afternoon sunshine and warmth with our books.

        Such a beautiful day again that after the morning walkabouts, I just started to putter around outside. Began with waxing the front of our coach again, this way the bugs almost fall off. Also we just slip thru the air barely using any fuel at all (well it seems to run much better when its clean and shiny). Just enjoying the fresh air and peace and quiet of the resort I got carried away and almost waxed the whole coach again. Once I realized this I stopped right away so I could save some of this fun for tomorrow.

        After noon we can now relax with our books in the sun then the shade and the occasional walkabout. The silence was broken once in a while by Lamar  driving the tractor around grading the roads a bit.
grading the resort
         The problem with the early sunrise means we have an earlier sunset and the afternoons cool off sooner. But, I just put on a t shirt and sandals to get warm, then I can whip us supper. We can use up our leftover chicken for a tasty hot chicken sandwich, mashed potatoes, gravy and white corn.
hmm tasty
        Now we have just enjoyed another wonderful sun filled day in southern Louisiana and did not even have to go anywhere to do it (did the sightseeing thing yesterday). Read a bit more, then a bit of tv (Battle of the Blades) before calling it a night.
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  1. great days, great weather and GREAT food...your meals always make me hungry :)

  2. Elaine:

    Soon you guys will be heading south to enjoy this fine weather too! Thanks for joining us.


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