Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sat. Nov 5th, New Orleans, French Quarter

Hmm once again I took lots of pictures, just so much to see, hope we don't bore you!

        We ll its a bright sunny day perfect for an excursion across Lake Ponchartrain on the 24 mile long Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, to New Orleans. Its still the longest "continuous bridge" over water, you can read about it here. Go ahead click.
the causeway
        Off the causeway we followed I-10 to exit 235a then the signs for the French Quarter, and we drove right down Toulouse St. almost right thru the centre of it.
Toulouse St

narrow streets
        At the end of Toulouse St. is a parking lot, right by the river walk and Decatur St, Jackson Square etc.. Right where we want to start, all the street entertainers, vendors, restaurants and Cafe du Monde are located.
The Mississippi river and a cruise ship
Jackson Square
Cafe Du Monde
        Cafe Du Monde is the Original French Market Coffee stand and this line up plus another just as long are waiting for coffee and their famous fresh Biegnets. Basically a square piece of fried dough covered in powdered sugar. We have had them on a previous trip no need to stand in line today.

        So we just continued to stroll the streets listening to the music, and enjoying the nice warm weather and interesting sites.
silver man
the music did not wake up the guy sleeping on the bench
this guy has been here a long time
a nice day
        Now we got here at about 11:00 am and other than Jackson Square, the French Market and Decatur the rest of the French quarter is relatively quite until later on in the day. So we strolled up and down some of the streets enjoying being away from the crowds and came across various hidden courtyard restaurants and quaint alley cafes.
Alley Cafes

        A little further along we heard some more music and just followed the sound. Some real good street entertainers playing, singing and dancing to some lively jazz.

        We enjoyed this for a while then decided it was time to keep heading to out destination, the only German restaurant in New Orleans is in the French Quarter on Conti St. between Bourbon St and Dauphine st. The Jagerhaus German Restauarant and Bar is a relatively small German Restaurant  (12 tables) with excellent service great German food and many different German Beers.
Dark Paulaner Beer
        With the help of our waiter we ordered a supper sized portion of Weiner Schnitzel, fries and sauerkraut, hot German potato salad and some potato and cheese perogies for an appetizer that we shared. So tasty and just the right portion for the two of us.
excellent meal
        Now with our hunger satisfied we continued to stroll the streets and shops just enjoying a great day. Lots of shops and interesting signs.
drink what you want just follow the rules

cat in the hat?
busy balcony 
lots starting to happen
high school band
        We have been to the French Quarter quite a few times before and enjoy every visit here. Usually we try to see different things, explore different areas and even try different restaurants for lunch each time, there are hundreds to choose from.

         Ok now after all this fun for a few hours its time to head back across the Lake to Abita Springs where things are much quieter. We find our way back to I-10, past the superdome, then the causeway back home.
        Such a wonderful sunny day we have time to relax with our books for a while, Suzie even helped me cut and trim my hair, no supper tonight we had a enough to eat for lunch (well maybe a little snack later on). 

        Then a little later Mike and Dee, from Ontario dropped by for a Happy (social) hour to chat for a while and take the chill off with our propane firepit.
Dee and Mike
        Finally it's getting dark and much chillier, so time to call it a night. We turned or clocks back now so that we be all set for the time change in the morning.  Just need to tell our bodies that the time changed, we awoke at our usual 5:30 am but is now 4:30am, well we got our rest anyway, just start the day sooner.

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  1. Nice to see Mike and Dea having fun on the road!

  2. So nice to see Mike and Dee having fun in New Orleans!

  3. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. The French Quarter is really cool, isn't it? The day we were at Cafe' Du Monde, a woman at the next table finished her beignets then picked up a spoon and ate all the remaining powdered sugar. Too much for me!

  4. Marty:

    Yes way too much sugar but people have to go there!!
    Been there done that!

  5. Great photos, wonderful tour, muy gracias.

  6. Contessa:

    Thanks for joining the tour with us!

  7. I finally got to catch up on some of your blog,s love all the picture,s loved the tour!! We've never been there yet!! Susie

  8. Roger and Susie:

    Thanks for stopping by and try get to New Orleans sometime if you get a chance.


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