Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wed. Sept. 19th. A few things left

        Well we always find stuff to keep us busy, sometimes too busy but always keeps us on our toes. After this morning's coffees and computing I went to Plattsville Home Hardware to by a new ceramic heater, very similar to our old one. The original one (30 years old) finally decided to start acting up. We had purchased two other cheaper ones in the past that lasted a very short time, so I thought a little more money and if this one lasts 30 years we won't complain.
new one on the right
        While at the hardware store I picked up some cardboard boxes for Sandy to help her sister pack and move followed by a quick trip to New Hamburg liquor store and pick up another load of boxes. Then Suzie and I had lunch. Now to drop here of at her mom and dad's to setup her father's new computer and transfer files. While I got a few last minute groceries, more boxes (more than 50 altogether), then puttered around the rv for while.

        Back to her mom and dad's to see how computer Suzie was doing, (not good, a few issues) at least she still had most of her hair. Her dad watching and mom quilting as usual, while supper is cooking. 
Suzie Mom Quilting
        I helped out a bit with the computer setup then time to quit computing for the day and have a very tasty supper, roasted chicken, dressing, gravy, whipped potatoes, carrots, caesar salad, homemade apple sauce and a fresh pumpkin pie made with spelt flour. Too much food, but so tasty, good thing we are heading south soon, my pants are getting too small for me.
yummy supper
        After a nice visit and supper back home, thinking now that we will pull our slide in as we still have a very strong, cold, unblocked east wind rocking our coach severely and finding its way thru the seals of the slide. Much better now warmer, quieter no drafts.  

        One more day to wrap up the loose ends.
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  1. The quilt Suzie's Mom is working on looks beautiful.

    One more day and you're on the road heading south, yeah!

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:

    Yeah one more sleep and on the road, sure feels good.

  3. sometimes it is very wise to spend more more to save in the long run... welcome back to the road...

  4. sometimes it is wise to spend more to save money in the long run... welcome back to the road...

  5. Must have been quite a wind! By this time tomorrow you'll be in the USA :)

  6. You sure have been busy leading up to your departure.

    We will follow your progress daily, we already do ... LOL

    PS-What do I need to watch free digital TV ? I remember you helped out a bunch of RVers on that issue.

    Thanks, Trent

  7. your almost there !!!! One more sleep :) the safe...

  8. All the best for your travels south!

  9. Heyduke50:

    Thanks, yes you get what you pay for usually.


    Yes a wild wind for sure. soon be across the border!


    Thanks, for tv either a newer tv with a digital tuner or a digital tv convertor box easy hookup.

    Elaine, Paul :

    We are ready to go, thanks bunches


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