Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Sun. Oct 16th Lazy Day Sunday

        Late posting today why? Because I actually slept in. I am usually up 5:30 to 6: am coffees and computing post the blog etc... But this morning Suzie was up at 6 and thought she would be nice and let me sleep (must have needed it). Well I woke up at 7:40 am and had an appointment at 8 am in Plattsville.

        For sunday we had a miserable overcast mostly rainy day so just putter around a bit, coffees computing and researching. First thing before it started to rain we stored or awning, while it was dry, we don't need shade anymore this fall. And most of the leaves and black walnuts are off the trees, now we can try a clean them up before we leave.
Trees are almost bare
        I opened a new bottle of liquid hand soap and prepared it for use. Now if you are an RVer and use this soap you will find that when traveling it does have a tendency to drip out the spout. I simple neat trick to stop this is to drill a tiny hole at the top of the bottle, it relieves the pressure and like magic no more drips.
drill a tiny hole
        While I did this Suzie took our sheets in to wash them before we put our winter quilt on the bed, ready for winter.

        Now Sandy had informed us that she had put a roast beef in the oven for lunch and invited her sister and brother in law for lunch (they have a dairy farm as well) and that we are to join them. So inside at noon I prepared a salad with smell of a roast cooking, boiled potatoes, gravy and veggies hmm so yummy.
Lunch is ready
soo tasty thanks Sandy
        Now after a great sunday lunch the two dairy farmers retired to the living room couches to discuss farming, the house needs to be quiet for some reason. So Suzie and I went for a drive with Sandy and her sister to inspect the new house they are building a couple of concessions away. We got the full tour, very nice bungalow, large bright rooms and almost ready to move in, kitchen cupboard doors were being installed today. Small town tradesmen work when it is convenient and the weather co-operates for them and sunday happened to work for him.

        Earlier today they could not find Omer so Suzie and Sandy went cruising the back roads and found him visiting a neighbors farm a few miles away, a little wet, muddy and burrs in his coat. So they brought him back home and tied him up for a bit and when the sun came out for a few minutes he got a brushing to clean him up a bit.
Omer being groomed
we walked out the laneway between rainfalls
        Then later on we went back in the house for a small snack, even let Omer in for a bit as long as he stayed on the mat.
good boy, stay on the mat
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  1. I had no idea about the soap and the drill hole. No more messes, thank you so much!

  2. Contessa:

    So simple and it works great.

  3. George, that is exactly the same soap we use, and yes, it always drips a little after we put it away.

    In fact the last time it dripped, it smudged up my cloth I use to clean and dry my glasses.... I was not a happy camper.

    Will try this trick, and report back !!

    Take care... TnT

  4. TnT:

    Yes it can be annoying I have been doing that for a few years now and works great for us.


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