Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sat. Oct. 29th, A busy day and too many pictures

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
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        Well we had things to do today and you know I like taking pictures, and again I took over 100 so I sorted thru them, edited and just posted a few, but still way too many. Did you know that you can double click on any picture and bring it full size on your monitor then you can just scroll thru the pictures with  your arrow keys.

        A wonderful sunny morning and perfect for outside stuff. An early walkabout around one of the ponds and chatting with a few rvers gets us ready to head off to the Mandeville Trailhead Market always a nice outing.
nice view across the pond
        This is called a Farmers Market but there was only one vendor with produce and another with pecans. Lots of food and crafts thou so was fun on a nice sunny saturday.

        This market is located on the Tammany Trace Rail trail at the Mandeville Trail head just a couple of small blocks from the north shore of Lake Ponchatrain not too far from the causeway to New Orleans.    
        We strolled the market taking in the sights and sounds, and tasting some of the different food samples. Some different crafts and just enjoyed the morning. Even ran into a couple there that we had met at Abita Springs campground over two years ago, they have bought a house just down the road from the market.

Contessa, a weiner mailbox!
        One thing we sampled was a seafood stuffed artichoke and it was so tasty we had to buy one to take home.
Seafood stuffed Artichoke
A happy Witch

        Now all these interesting smells and its almost noon anyway we had to have a bite to eat, Suzie opted for the chicken quesadilla and I just had to have a gator dog, both very filling and tasty.
my gator dog
        After the market we drove along the shore of lake Ponchartrain for a few blocks checking out some of the houses that have been rebuilt, refinished and raised high in the air after Hurricane Katrina. Some very nice looking homes here now.

New Orleans is across this lake

        Now on our way back home we found a book exchange,"The Book Rack" where we could exchange a few books we have read for some good used books to add to our bookcase.
we found it
Suzie with her book list
        After here a stop at Fabrics and more to get more cord for our blinds, but they don't have the right size, I will find another place. Then a quick stop to check out Rouses, Louisiana Owned grocery store to and pick up a frozen pizza for me to customize up at supper time.
        Now with all this fun its time to get back home and relax with our books in the sun for a while before the kids come Trick or Treating. They were escorted around the resort with the managers Renea and Lamar, about 80 children in all.
decorated golf cart
        Once they were done about 6:30 pm our pizza was hot and ready for us to enjoy.
         Ok now we have had a busy day but still more to do, a free dance at the clubhouse, with a live two piece band, and lots of people dress up, contests and dancing.

        So now after a great busy fun filled day and a couple of hours at the dance, think we will call it a night. Just love Louisiana.
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  1. Hi George and Suzie
    We finally have internet tonight.
    Glad to hear you are having such a great time. We are in Memphis for a couple of days, then back to the Natchez Trace Parkway.
    see you one of these days...TnT

  2. TnT:

    Enjoy Memphis, Graceland and the Peabody ducks, travel safe.

  3. Wow that sounded like a busy fun filled day. Glad you had a good time. Some of those costumes we really good.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Kevin and Ruth:

    Yes we had way too much fun!


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