Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tues. Oct.11th. Relax a bit today!

        Well we had an awesome weekend, busy, busy lots of family, too much good food and loved every minute of it. So today Suzie has a doctor appointment, first thing in the morning and I got caught up on computing, then made some zucchini muffins while she was gone.

        She got back and helped Dennis and Sandy picking corn from the bean field (its a weed when not planted there). Back home we had some turkey soup and turkey sandwiches for lunch then I ran a few errands in New Hamburg and had my chiropractor give me a much needed fall tune up.

        Suzie and Sandy did a trip into her mom and dads in the afternoon to drop off some plants and took Omer along for the ride, he gets a "Tim Bit" at Tom Hortons drive thru. Now you take a farm dog into town and he just goes nuts all the new smells and noises. They took him in the house but he managed sneak out the door and followed his nose up and down the street, he was so excited Suzie running after him. Wish I had been there to with my camera.

        Now I am supposed to relax a bit while the crops are coming off the fields fast and furious everywhere in the area. Every farm has tractors, combines and wagons full of beans going day and night with the perfect harvesting weather. So all the farmers are hard at it helping each other, Suzie and Sandy, included driving people here and there and bringing "Tim Hortons Coffee" for all the workers and I can help by puttering around here and cook  supper. Tonight is bbq'd pork chops, applesauce, scalloped potatoes and grilled zucchini to be ready about 7-8pm, whenever Dennis can stop for a bite.
tasty supper
       Now after a quick bite they are off again back to the fields, going most of the night I am sure, glad I am not a farmer! But at least they have a nice bright full moon to work with.
outside our coach tonight
        The girls went back out for a bit and I am back home to relax my back muscles to get in shape for our southern migration. Compute a bit, some tv and finally before we know it time to call it another great warm fall day!

Eight days to go!
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  1. So glad that you are actually relaxing, your back will thank you. Do they really work the fields in the dark??? Obviously I am not a farm girl. Actually I can't recall ever having been on one!

  2. Contessa:
    Yes back is thanking me already.
    And yes farmers do work the fields at night, when the conditions are right, a few of the others go until it rains or all the harvesting is done. The rain started late this morning.

    Dennis got home about 11:30 but he is up at 6 am for chores and milking, long days at this time of year.


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