Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, October 07, 2011

Thurs. Oct. 6 th, Just more nice weather.

        We are still lucky and looks like right over our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend we are having awesome weather. Sunshine and warm  starts off early and goes all day long, comments from blog followers in eastern and western Canada tell us we are being blessed with this, their weather sucks.

        So after coffees, computing and walkabouts a quick trip to Forest for a few items and back home for lunch. Then another camper found me and asked for help setting up a digital converter box for the television in their trailer. With a little fiddling we got it up and running, this is now system number five that I have successfully set up, almost feels like a job learn as I go, doesn't pay well but I have fun and meet lotsa nice people, kinda like running my own restaurant years ago.

        After this its time to wrap the Christmas and two birthday gifts for our five grandchildren we shopped for the other day. With Suzie's help it went pretty quick, "Merry Christmas". Now we know its soon time to head south. This done, Suzie has vacuum and dusted our small house, I checked tire pressures we can now relax in the shade and read for a while. But I need to stop reading for a bit and whip up supper, a tasty grilled salmon fillet, rice pilaf and a tossed salad.
        After supper its still nice, so back outside to read for a short while until Trish and Jordan stopped by to chat and say goodbye on our last night here for this year. We head south in search of nicer winter weather and they go back home to hibernate for the winter months. We also had Harry and Jackie join us so we got our propane firepit out for some ambiance and take the chill out of the air.
Jackie and Harry
        They too will be packing up their 5th wheel trailer and heading south for the winter soon. Another great warm fall day, we are so lucky to have this great weather.

        In the morning we pack her up and head back to New Hamburg for a couple weeks to visit with all our family and friends, wrap up some doctors appointments and service on our coach and car before we hit the road.
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  1. You will have to start charging for these installations, at least get a free meal or drinks! Glad you are having beautiful weather. Some people we stayed with in Nova Scotia said they had some snow yesterday, now that sucks!!!!

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:
    Well I did get free drinks, water, pop, coffee and one guy gave me a beer. Don't need any free meals I seem to eat enough here. Yes down east snow way too soon.

  3. I'm glad you have nice weather for you last 2 weeks although I am jealous.

  4. Contessa:
    I am sure you will be having some awesome weather in Mexico , then I can be jealous of you!

  5. We had snow (but not enough to say ) here yesterday, as well as a hail storm...Mexico sure sounds safe

  6. Elaine:
    Sounds to yukky there,we must be blessed or something. Mexico would be nice but don't think we going there this year, never know thou.


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