Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sat. Oct.9th Another Busy Day

        Well another great sunny day and we have things to do today. So coffees and computing then I take a short drive to Pettigrew's Garage in Plattsville where the locals show up early for a coffee and chat before heading out for the day.
nice country drive to Plattsville
harvesting beans
        Nice to see a bunch of friends again and get caught up with things, but could not stay long, back at the farm Sandy's family is getting together at 9 a.m for a Thanksgiving breakfast and we are to join in, of course we know all of them too. So a huge feed of ham, eggs, homefried potatoes, english muffins, cheeses, coffee, juice and lots of fruit everyone got together chatted and filled their tummies. Then outside for a bit to clean up the sandbox, slide and swing for our grandchildren on monday.

         Breakfast done I made a quick trip to New Hamburg for some things while they chatted and cleaned up the kitchen. Now back to a clean empty kitchen, I carved up our turkey for monday lunch and put the carcass on to simmer for a turkey soup. With Suzie's help I made up three dozen mini pecan tarts, with spelt flour, so that Dennis can eat them, for Thanksgiving lunch on sunday at Suzie's Aunt Delores in Kitchener another large get together. The tarts are pretty labour intensive, but so good.
pecan tarts

        Now I can get outside and cut some grass for a bit, sunshine and fresh air and a fun lawn mower to drive. I just got going and we had company drop by, friends from Stratford that bought and nice rv last year and a membership at Rock Glen Resort. We missed them at the resort this year so they dropped by to chat and return a couple of rv books we loaned them. We chatted for a bit and they headed out for a family function so we could get back to work cutting the grass and Suzie raking the black walnuts from the lawn, about 6 wheelbarrow loads so far.
getting the grass cut
        So I got the grass cut after a couple hours riding and wrapped it up about 6 o'clock, Sandy had put a roast pork on for supper, and Suzie was cleaning the turkey meat off the cooled bones for me to make a soup tomorrow.
Suzie taking meat off the bones
         No we can relax for a bit and have supper when Dennis is done chores somewhere between 7 and 8.
yummy roast pork
        So a tasty roast pork dinner, green beans with fried onions and butter over them, fresh garden tomatoes, tasty gravy and I helped by making some lumpy (oops) whipped potatoes. A tasty meal, chat for a while then home to watch a bit of tv before calling it a night.

        We are so lucky to be able to enjoy great summer weather at this time of year, and the farmers are able to get their crops of the land as well.
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  1. nothing better than tasty Thanksgiving treats...

  2. Oh my goodness...that was a very busy day you had ... LOL

    Our weather was breaking records for all time highs, but sadly, that has now disappeared, and we have had freezing night time temps.

    I had to winterize our rig, so we can't use the water system until we get on the road next weekend, and then we will have the furnace on overnight.

    We can hardly wait !!!!! TnT

  3. heyduke50:
    yes love the Thanksgiving treats, yummy!

  4. TnT:
    Busier than normal but fun nonetheless. To bad about the cold snap, soon to be on the road, getting excited now I see.

  5. I'm beginning to feel a part of the farm and it's routine!

    What kind of beans are being harvested. NIce to see you keeping busy ;))

  6. Doesn't sound like you stopped all day. I think I am putting on weight just reading about all that food. Have a great weekend with the family and enjoy the food.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Contessa:
    Dairy farm always something to do and you are here try to chip in and help.
    Soya Beans is what they harvesting now, soon will be the corn.

  8. Kevin and Ruth:
    Going all day but was productive, gotta try and work off some of this food. Back to almost normal on Tuesday!


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