Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fri. Oct 14th, Why do we love our coach?

        We have had a few people ask what we like about our coach, (never thought anyone would care!). And it was a cool rainy day so I thought I would put this down for the record. Usually it is an individual choice and many people buy rv's for different reasons and have them for different uses. I have always loved camping (now it's not called camping anymore, its a lifestyle) and had a tent trailer from 1969 until we bought a van conversion in 1995.

        The kids were now all grown and not camping with us any more. So the van was perfect, it allowed us to travel self contained in one vehicle, no trailer to tow. This worked great for seven years until we decided to extend our camping season into the late fall, winter and early spring. It was a little small to be inside with winter clothes and all. So now we purchased a small 23 ft class C motorhome. We can camp anywhere anytime now perfect? Well it was great while we were still working, weekend getaways and vacations for the two of us, small enough to drive anywhere with out needing to tow a car, but it had limited storage.

       Then we had to decide can we go fulltime in this coach and be comfortable ? We, together had this dream of fulltime rving someday. So as Suzie is crunching numbers to see how much it would cost to do this, and if we could quit work, we began looking at rv's, coaches and fifth wheel trailers. We would like a coach but a fifth wheel typically has more living space. So we checked all these out as well. Cost of a trailer and truck to tow it, as opposed to a coach towing a car. Depending how you do it the cost would be about the same. With a trailer we have to drive a big pickup truck around for errands and sightseeing lostsa fuel all the time. With a coach we use lotsa fuel only when we move from site to site traveling. Once set up we have a car that gets great fuel economy. Plus driving the coach is nice, a great view of the road and scenery and we have everything we need right here, very convenient, not to mention the security if you are relaxing and don't feel safe, just start the engine and go. Can't do that when you are in a trailer.

        Anyhow thats our views and you could debate trailers and coaches all day, everybody is right and entitled to their opinion, and this is ours.

       Now back to why we love our coach. We had looked at layouts, construction, types of power trains, storage, new verses used, all that. Well in 2006 we came across our dream home on wheels. It was a 1999 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 36 feet. So what did we like about it? Just about everything, I will start with a list here:
  • first off this coach was used and hopefully has all the bugs a new rv usually has, worked out.
  • it has a gas engine, ford V-10 low mileage only 36K miles on it and appeared to be well looked after. We wanted gas because of lower repair and maintenance costs, and our mechanic can work on on it, we only drive about 8k miles per year. 
  • it has a kitchen slide allowing our dinette, which we prefer over a table and chairs, to be on the campsite side of out coach, perfect!
  • we have a mid entry door
  • we have a huge two piece bathroom with sliding doors for privacy.
  • a queen size walk around bed and lots of clothes storage and wardrobes.
  • built in generator and an amazing amount of storage underneath with pass thru compartments.
  • the body construction of the older Holiday Ramblers is all painted aluminum with fiberglass caps front and rear and no rubber roof it too is aluminum. 
  • hydraulic leveling jacks.
  • dual pane windows with a slight tint. (they don't sweat) and keep you warmer and cooler, and sound proof as well.
  • 19.5 inch truck tires. 
  • back up camera to keep an eye on our towed and see who is following too close.
  • Stainless steel wheel covers, no aluminum polishing.
  • Slightly streamlined front for better fuel economy.
  • a propane stove and oven that we use all the time when we are not barbecuing.
  • a roughed in with washer and dryer cupboard with hook ups, we don't need them, laundromats are cheap and quick, plus we save the weight and have extra storage for computer stuff like a wireless printer.
  • this coach has a drivers door I thought I wanted but don't use much, too hard to climb in and out of and get some wind noise when on the road, but it does come in handy.
  • we can seat 10 people inside, with seat belts, if we need and we did once for a Christmas dinner in Arizona.
  • we have aluminum mini blinds that are easy to remove, wash when dirty and restring when the string breaks, and it will.
  • our three seater couch makes a bed as does the dinette allowing people to stay overnight if need be, but not so comfortable that they want to stay a long time. 
  • we have a smooth vinyl ceiling inside and its not too high, easy to wash as are the walls etc.
  • window awnings are real nice, can always pull these down especially when in areas that may be too windy for our patio awning.
  • a nice huge windshield gives us a picture window to view the scenery.
  • no air brakes so we don't need to worry about a special license.
  • I think best of all I have my lazy boy recliner, perfect for falling asleep in front of the tv with.
  • and Suzie has the couch to stretch out on.
        Well its been over five years and very little in the way of repairs so far, 6 new tires, rear brakes, new shocks, a new mattress and slide topper, tune up, replace some exhaust manifold studs and all new rad and heater hoses. And we now have 83 k miles on our house, running better now that when we bought it. So if we keep maintaining this coach the way we have been it could last us a lifetime and we would be happy with that.

        We had an opportunity for another newer coach this summer at a good price, but we know this coach and love it, it is pampered like a baby, treats us well and we feel like its part of us. Plus its paid for!

        Anything that we would want different? A little more power for the mountains, but we can always get there, we are not in a hurry. A rear engine would be nice when driving, eliminate engine noise. Maybe a solid surface floor would be easier to clean than carpet, but it would also be colder.

        So that's what I did today, Suzie got to read for a while.

         Then I was going to cook a nice fish supper tonight, but they were busy in the house with meetings and book work, it was quite late when they were done so we agreed to go to EJ's Tavern (formerly the Baden Hotel) built in 1874 and one of the oldest operating Taverns in Ontario. This is one of our favorite places and have not been here in quite a while.
we at EJ's
had to wear a sweater 
        They have always had good food here and it was a hard decision what to order. Same as it is difficult to choose from all the different beers that are on tap. Well it was their huge chicken wings that won the draw (7 per pond) for three of us with fries, veggies and dip, Sandy had our other favourite a huge tender schnitzel with sauerkraut potatoes and veggies.
hot wings, cold beer 
        Now after a cold wet day and fun night out, its home time, call it  a night.

Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. As you said, everyone can debate that what they have is the best but it all comes down to personal preference. We love having a motorhome as well and wouldn't change it, well we might consider a truck and slide on camper if we were to drive to Central and South America but that would be in the future. Glad you love you MH and hope you have many more years with it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Kevin and Ruth:

    Thanks for your input.

    The truck camper would be a must I think for Central and South America when the time comes, but for now the MH really does the trick.

  4. We also prefer the MH compared to the fiver etc...and heavens knows we've tried them Ruth said its personal preference..having had mid doors I much prefer the front bus door seems I have more space inside...didn't mind the mid door tho when we had of our past rigs did have a drivers door and Rick used it alot...but he doesn't seem to miss it now...

  5. we too love our motorhome and if we ever get rid of it we would likely buy smaller if anything

  6. George, what a well laid out post about your motorhome. You have given us lots to think about and discuss.

    I am pretty sure we are going to be needing something a little bigger than our C, but more importantly, we need a larger carrying capacity. We are pushing the upper limits, with 6 batteries and solar panels.

    Thank you so much again, for that great info !!

    PS- Absolutely loved the line about the couch and dinette making into beds, but not so comfortable that guests want to stay a long time....very funny !!

  7. heyduke 50:

    Maybe someday smaller but for us right now, fulltiming this is the prefect size.

  8. TnT:
    Thanks again for checking us out.

    We are at capacity too but with only with 70 gallons of fuel, 70 gallons of water, full propane, six chairs and two bicycles.

    Have one 130 watt solar panel and two house batteries.

  9. Good to see you both enjoy that style of living! Me? Not 12 mos. of the year tho - only couple months at a time.
    Have a nice day.

  10. Hey Mom:

    Well maybe in 20 or so years we may change but as you know we do love it.

    I know you read us every day, to see what we are doing.
    Thanks for making a comment!

  11. Contessa:

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  12. Thanks for posting that George. Gee, and here I though I could fly south to vacation with you for the winter. If it's not gonna be comfy to stay then I guess I will just have to get my own MH. Hehehehe.

    I love following your blog. You guys are living my dream for sure. Soooooooooon!!!! (Hopefully)


  13. Trish:

    Sure you can fly and meet up with us, no problem. And we have a spot for you to sleep if you like.

    Most rver's will back me when we say 6 for cocktails, 4 for dinner and 2 for sleeping.

    Keep dreaming and planning and it will happen!

  14. Very nicely said! We are totally in love with our little Roadtrek 190 Popular, suits our purposes. I wouldn't want to live in it full time of course, but it's a fabulous vehicle to travel in. Right now it is being used to ferry me to physio and doctor's appointments post-surgery. I will be very sad to see it go someday. :(

  15. Lou:

    Yes you are so right, for sure every rv has its purpose and that one works for you now!

  16. It's funny how, when you find the right rig it just speaks to you.

    When we went looking for RV's we climbed up and down about 100 different coaches and 5th wheels. We quickly realized the coach was OUR way to go, but still we looked all all sorts from super short to ultra long. In the end we realized that out of them all we had only found three that were acceptable or close to acceptable.

    After talking about those three for a while we realized they were all either Winnebagos or Itascas -- AND they were all the same appropriately named mode depending on whether it was Itasca or Winnebago. We were at a dealer with one of the three, it was in the best shape of the three at an attractive price and we knew it was THE ONE. We've had her nearly 2 years now and she's perfect (for us).

    A retired Photographer looks at life
    Life Unscripted

    1. We found it , love it and take care of it, perfect!


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