Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Thurs. Oct. 13th. The Honey Do List!

        A cool fall day and a nice one to run  few errands in Waterloo and visit my mother and take care of her "honey due list". When in the area I have time to get there for a few visits and take care of some minor items for her.

        I started  with a stop and a Canadian Tire store to exchange an air purifier we purchased in the spring, with Canadian Tire money, this has just stopped working (it has a five year exchange warranty here) so no problem here. Also got two more new tires for our car and again had enough "Canadian Tire Money" to cover more than two thirds the cost, we had to add forty dollars.

        Now off to visit mothers around the corner. A coffee, chit chat then I started with installing a new motion sensor at the front of her house that operates the two front lights. Next I helped her download and print a family photo she had received via email from my brother and was having trouble with. Now replace tap washers on the laundry tub, but still dripping, so check a bit more and find the seats have nicks in them, they need replacing too. Then rose trellis in the back yard needed some new screws, as well as the wooden stairs into the yard. Next new wiper blades on her car and all is done. Nice thing Canadian Tire is just around the corner I was there 4 times today for parts.

          After a very productive day at Mom's and a nice visit its time to head back home, and pick up Suzie. We are now off to visit my daughter Jessica with a small birthday cake and gift for our oldest grandson who's birthday is in November (we will not be here) , Suzie even got to play with two of their indoor dogs as well.
Suzie and the dogs
        We had a very nice visit, snacks, supper and birthday cake, then time for the boys to go to bed, school in the morning, and getting close to our bedtime as well.

        Another productive, busy and fun day that can be checked off the "honey do list".
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  1. A very productive day -I'm sure your mom appreciates all your hard work on the honey do won't be long now :)

  2. Elaine:
    Yes mom does appreciate very much, nice to spend time with her.

  3. George, I know what you mean about helping out your dear Mom.

    Whenever we go to visit my Mom, she usually has a list of things that need attention.

    Not the least is her laptop I picked out for her. I am sure she could use her own IT department, as she usually has it a little messed up by the time I get there.

    Ahhh.. where would we be without our Moms ?

    Take care ... TnT

  4. TnT:
    Yeah for sure Mom's are the reason we are here and only have one. We do what we can for them.


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