Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tues. Aug 18th, Just a nice day.

        Another nice night for sleeping with an inspiring sunrise this morning, its gonna be a great day.
nice sunrise
        I think Omer wanted to enjoy it too, he disappeared again this morning and was located a bit later playing in the creek. So here he is back home dirty, muddy, covered with burrs, a sad face and tied up again for a while.  Suzie will clean him up again, what will he do all winter when she is not here? Omers spring cleanup takes a while.
"I had fun thou"
        Today we are going to visit my mother and take her for lunch, a short drive to Millbank Ontario, a tiny Village in Mennonite country just outside of Waterloo. It was 11 years ago today that my brother passed away of kidney cancer at the young age of 38. The  quiet country side with the farmers plowing their fields with a team on horses and quiet a few use the horse and buggy for their only means of transportation. Such a peaceful life style.
plowing the fields
nice buggy
        Our destination is Anna Mae's Bakery and Restaurant which has expanded from a roadside stand to a 175 seat restaurant and specializes with homemade Mennonite cooking. This is always a very busy place, we arrived at 11:30 and had a 20 minute wait to be seated, a bus load of people had arrived for lunch as well.

Anna Mae's
bus the busload had reservations
        We are seated after walking thru the bakery and can smell all the wonderful aromas. Our favorite here is their signature broasted chicken, cooked to order and so moist and tasty. Ma had her favorite a toasted western sandwich and a coconut tart for desert.
such a tasty lunch
        After lunch a drive thru the village, a country market and hardware store is about it.
Zehr's Country Market

        Now another nice country drive and drop ma off at home then we are back to the farm. I am tidying up the yard a bit and going to do my share by cutting the grass. " Be careful don't get stuck" was Sandy's last words. So I hop on the mower and did not even get around the yard one time when oop's a muddy spot and down we go.
stuck good
        All the farmers here were busy harvesting, or doing chores somewhere etc.. And Suzie had gone to Stratford so when she got back with the car I hooked a rope on and she pulled me out, then I carried on being very careful for the next couple hours.

        I got most of it all cleaned up in time to make a late supper tonight, tasty baked fish with garlic, lemon and lime, vegetable fried rice and a tossed salad, just a perfect end to another nice day.
tasty dinner
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  1. I am sure you mother enjoyed her time out and about and her lunch with you. I remember going to that area when I worked with the tour bus company. It really is a gorgeous area.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:

    Yes mother had a great time and enjoyed the ride as a passenger, she has always driven there in the past. Yes we do love the area as out home base.

  3. Looks like you need to keep a close eye on Omer! Nice picture of the sunrise!

  4. Sorry for your brother's loss so long ago....

    FYI, I think the dog needs a girlfriend.

  5. Contessa:
    Thank you.

    Omer is 11 years old now, always been a bit of a wanderer, hunting.


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