Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wed. Aug. 3rd, Got Fruit Flies?

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        It seems at this time of year and in the Rock Glen Area with all the orchards in the area we get fruit flies. Just annoying little flies trying to eat our fruit. This morning on TV Suzie saw a garden specialist demonstrate this gizmo that traps them and gets rid of fruit flies. So when in town this morning I checked at the hardware store about such a thing and they did not carry it. But, the lady there said to use a small dish of cider vinegar and sunlight dish soap and that will do the trick, just like they use in the large grocery store in Forest. So at the store I picked up the soap and vinegar and put out a small dish at home. And in less than 12 hours we rounded up quite a few of these critters! It works.
Fruit flies like the soap and vinegar
        Now just puttering around later today, a couple neighbors beside us were packing up their trailers and kids heading over to Michigan for a few days vacation and cheap shopping. I cleaned and lubricated our towbar and adjusted the screen door, the hinges are wearing a bit. Now looking at our car the right front tire looked soft, I checked it a very low air pressure. So off to the garage in town where they pulled out a tiny nail and patched the tire, too bad we are going to get some new tires for the car anyway before we head south in October.

        Ok now we can relax for a bit with our books in the shade. The temperature is dropping with a cool breeze only 75f (24c) almost feels cold. But we can deal with it. About four our neighbors stopped by for happy hour until its time to fire up our barbie to grill a couple of marinated chicken breasts, on a bun with potatoes and onions for a nice tasty supper.
        Ok now supper is done, Rob and Pat have a nice campfire going so we joined them once again on their last night here, they are on the road in the morning. Its always nice to run into friends when we move to different locations.
Pat, Rob and Lady Girl
        Just another great day enjoying the warm outdoors of a Canadian summer, thanks for stopping by.
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