Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Thurs. Aug. 18th Cool, hot weather

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        Just more sunshine and cool, hot weather. By cool, hot I mean its the cooling down part of summer, can almost feel fall in the air. Early morning 55f (12c), sure it can get hot during the day but there is something cooler in the air at night, a sure thing that fall is just around the corner. But, its still great weather.

        We had our morning coffees and computing then by 9 am we were on the road to Kitchener, for a couple doctors appointments and eye tests, a little shopping and before we know it we were back home just before 3pm. Just in time to begin getting supper ready. Suzie's Mom and Dad are coming for supper and I am putting a 5 lb chicken on our Weber and not sure how long it will take. So I fired up the grill and put it on low at 3:30.
nice chicken
        While the Weber was doing its thing with the chicken we prepared the boiled potatoes, salad, swiss chalet sauce and sliced some zucchini for the grill. Roasting nice and slow the chicken was pretty well ready about 5pm (meat thermometer 180f) so we got the veggies on the grill and were ready to feast by 5:30pm. A perfectly done, moist bbq'd chicken.
tasty yes
        Then we sat outside after supper chatting and watching the sun set thru the trees as the warm day cooled down. Greg and Shelly also stopped by to chat with Gramma and Grandpa after they were done chores and milking, a nice visit.
another nice sunset
        The sun settled down behind the horizon and the temperature dropped, time to go inside and  call it a night, after another great day.
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  1. A perfect time of year especially when you know its getting close to the time of heading south!!

  2. Contessa:
    For sure only 62 days left, not that we are counting!!


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