Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fri. Aug.12. T.G.I.F ?

Join us as we travel North America in our 
Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August 2006

        TGIF (Thank Goodness its Friday), when we were working, Friday was time to get out of work early and get away for the weekend. And all day long they rolled into the resort, tents, rvs, campers, lots of kids, bicycles and I think every campsite had two cars and two dogs. Dogs barking and kids playing sure makes for a lively neighborhood.

        A sunny warm morning and nice to walkabout the resort and over to the bluff overlooking the lake. We can hear the waves lapping the shore and the distinct different colors of water as it gets deeper away from shore.
nice morning view
        After morning coffees and walkabouts the short drive to Goderich for a few grocery items and was lucky enough to see another huge ship in port. This one the "Canadian Provider" was loading at the grain elevator. This 730 foot bulk carrier was launched on May 3rd 1963 the Collingwood Ontario shipyards. I do remember as a child our family being there watching the amazing spectacle of these huge ships being launched sideways into the water, like sliding an elephant into a bathub full of water. You can follow this link here to read the interesting history about this ship. Or click here for some great photos of ship launching in the Collingwood shipyards.
Canadian Provider
loading up
        After the shopping back home for lunch and putter around a bit reading in the shade, chatting with neighbors and people watching. Especially this 16 month old zipping up and down the road most of the day on this amazing trike, tiring out grandpa.
boy can he move
        Eventually its time for a bite to eat so fired up the barbie and fry daddy for some chicken wings, and fries, with the required, veggies, dips and variety of hot sauces.
        Now after supper is done we can read a bit more and putter around putting away a few outside items as we are on the road again in the morning. With about 45 minutes to go before sunset we took a walk about the resort to see how full they were and stop at their store for and ice cream treat.
nice treat
tall sunflower
        Walking about the busy resort we found a different lookout over the lake with a couple of benches, so we sat here and enjoyed the interesting scenery as the sun quickly working its way into the water.
nice bench
waiting for the sun to set
looking south down the lake
people on the beach below us
very colorful skies
        As the minutes passed by the clouds got in the way making for some colorful formations in the sky and we did not actually see the sun sink into the water. Then we looked south again and saw the lake freighter heading out from the Port of Goderich with a full load of grain.
the ship heading out of port
        Another fun filled day in the busy resort on the west coast of Ontario, the eastern shores of Lake Huron then home to call it a night.

        And you know something now that we are retired we kinda like T.G.I.M. (Thanks Goodness its Monday) after the very busy summertime weekends.
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  1. Cool link to the Collingwood Shipyard boat launches! I remember when the big boats went into the water, the waves that were created splashed right up over top of the buildings! I'm not sure how many launches we saw, but they would have been between 1953 and 1966 approximately. It was a very big deal when they were launched, everyone came out to see it! How many did we see, do you think? I wonder if there are family photos around of it? Although people did not take photos as much back then as they do now.

  2. Lou:
    Hey sis, in 1953 were barely born, I am thinking early 60's and I am sure we saw at least two launches, maybe more. Don't know about pictures thou sure would be nice.


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