Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sat. Aug. 13th, On The Road Again

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August 2006

        It seems to happen more often than not that the night before we are leaving it rains right into the morning, so its a good thing that we do store most of our outdoor stuff the night before. No rush today as we are heading to Suzie's sisters place this afternoon in Tavistock only about an hour away. So we have time to go to the farmers' market in Goderich this morning. By this time the rain had stopped and it was a beautiful morning. The market is located in the centre of town on the square where the Court house is, with lots of local vendors selling their fresh fruit, vegetables and baked goods.

fresh corn
all good
        After the market we still had some time to kill so we drove down along the beach, checking out the calm lake waters and a few people enjoying the morning peacefulness in the sand.
beach in the Cove
        Back to the beach by the harbor was some colorful gardens and yet another ship at the docks.
beach by the harbor
nice gardens
        Now we can check out yet another freighter loading up with this time from the Goderich salt mine again. This ship is the Algomarine for interesting information just click here.

        We came back down to the beach this morning in hope of purchasing some fresh caught pickerel at the Lake House restaurant and market that opened at 11:00am. But sadly no pickerel today, only yellow perch and we already have some, so we will try somewhere else, another time.
Lake house
        Morning runarounds all done we back to our coach and had a nice toasted tomato sandwich from a huge Beefsteak tomato that we go at the market, so tasty! Now this done we hooked up the car and headed on down the road. Thru Blyth Ontario a nice small town with a Playhouse and a large campground at the arena, you can tell its RV country when a large sign at the side of the road points to the free Dump Station.
Dump station
        A little further down the road we came across a site we have seen many times in Mexico, but very rare here. Cattle wandering calmly along the shoulder of the road all by themselves, some farmer will be missing them eventually.
cattle on the road
        A little further down the road we came into Stratford and across the Avon river with a sightseeing pontoon boat showing tourists the sights.
Avon River
        In town here we fueled our coach with bargain prices for gas today only $1.19 a liter ($4.49 a gallon). The we arrived mid afternoon at Rose and Ross's place in Tavistock, parked our coach in their large driveway and had some hanging out in the yard playing with their 4 grandchildren for a while before Ross fired up the barbie to grill some yummy smoked porkchops and garlic sausage while Rose prepared the mashed potatoes, fresh corn and salad for supper, then a fresh peach pie for desert. And Ross has a Weber grill too, much larger than ours thou.
an awesome grill
so tasty
        After this we just kinda sat around, watched a movie with their grandson then sat out side for a while longer enjoying a lovely summer evening.
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  1. wow great looking market...all the fresh veggies the beach....looks like you had a wonderful day....
    travel safe..

  2. Rick and Elaine:
    Yes we had a wonderful day!

  3. Yummy veggies. Huge tomatoes, no fresh corn here yet.

  4. Contessa:
    All is good here, the sweet corn and tomatoes soo tasty!


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