Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sun. Aug. 29th Leamington to Arkona Ontario

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August 2006

107 miles today (173 kms) 

        Sunday morning, sunny and warm again but windy. Morning coffees, computing and walkabouts we take our time getting ready to hit the road. No rush, we don't want to get to Rock Glen resort too early on a sunday, we will give "the weekenders" a chance to pack up and move out so we will have a better selection of sites when we arrive.

       We are on the road about 10:45 and right thru downtown Leamington, pretty quiet, to hwy 401 eastbound for a bit.
downtown is quiet on a sunday morning
        About 11:30 we stopped at a new service centre for some fuel and a bite to eat for lunch, then carried on thru some farm country and small towns for a nice scenic drive. Now we like to stay on paved roads and some of the roads we had planned were not. We would find this out as we were about to turn, so redo our routing somewhat for a nice adventure. All was going well until we got to Arkona road make a left turn and its a dirt road, this will take us directly to Arkona and the resort.
Arkona Road
oh well
        Or so we thought, we were foiled, came across this "road closed sign". A very short section ahead they were working on the bridge over hwy 402, so our short cut became the long way we had to get to the other side, (on paved roads) then on to the resort.

        We arrived about 2:00pm after stopping to top up our propane tank in town. Checked in and found one of our favourite sites were available, backed in and set up. A few of our friends stopped by welcomed us back and we chatted with our new neighbors for a bit. Now to relax in the sun (its a cool breeze) with our books for a while and plan supper. For tonight we decided on a feast of breaded smelts and fries that I picked up at the the other day in town. It's been a long time since we had smelts and they were so tasty, every bit as good as we remember them.
so yummy smelts
        Now after supper we found it had cooled down a bit, so we put on our hoodies (summer is winding down!) and went to visit Trish and Jordan. He we chatted, got caught up with their travels, (they know where we have been she reads the blog!).  And we had to try out Mikes new chair (he's a big guy), its impressive to say the least, really makes you feel tiny!
        Now its dark and cooler, time to go back home and call it a night.
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  1. i would need to pull a trailer if i had chairs like that...

  2. Love the chairs!! Did you have to unhook and back up because of the detour?

  3. heyduke50:
    They have a seasonal site with a storage shed, it is a conversation piece for sure thou!

  4. Contessa:
    No, to unhooking, we were lucky, they put the sign at the last intersection.

  5. great the chairs...and the smelts look great-its been awhile since I've had fried smelts...I love them....

  6. Rick and Elaine:
    The smelts were awesome!


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