Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tues.. Aug. 23rd. Catching up day.

Join us as we travel North America in our 
Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August 2006

        Well today is sunshine and warm, a very nice day and we have nothing much on the agenda today. So can I take a deep breath and get caught up, we have been so busy (all this socializing is hard work and too much fun). I have not had time to keep the blog up to date. First thing in the morning I posted sunday, a travel day, new campground, and seeing friends we have not seen for a year. Got bikes down and went for a bike ride about the resort, its quite large and flat, nice for riding.

        Then into town for a few groceries and back home, check with the other guys to see what 's happening then a bite to eat for lunch. Well they are going to do a bit of shopping so we can relax for a while Suzie reads her book and I can get our blog postings done to date. Finished editing the over 100 pictures I took, added a few words and got monday done.  Now I feel better.

        While doing this Suzie peeled a pot of potatoes for supper. Bill and Barb brought a turkey and their deep fryer, so we are having a potluck dinner tonight deep fried turkey. When they all got back from shopping we got together for a happy hour, with a few appetizers before putting supper together.
We put the potatoes on and sliced up the baguette, John and Wendy put together the green beans, broccoli, dressing and gravy. Bill fired up his fryer and put the turkey in.
turkey is cooking
Bill's fryer
        This was a thirteen pound turkey and was completely cooked in 35 minutes. So tender and juicy, cooked to perfection and not at all greasy from the deep fryer, it was fried in 5 gallons of fresh canola oil.
all done
Bill is carving the bird
our feast
        Now we have a feast, this rving lifestyle and really roughing it, but I think we can handle it. Now a bit of cleanup and put the leftovers away and get the campfire going.  Such another warm and beautiful evening again. The skies were cloudy and looked like it might rain, but we made it till way past bedtime and no rain, John was getting dozy and so are we, time to call it another great day.
We like to pick on John.
        And about the tornado that went thru Goderich on sunday.  We left there a week before and were able the see the old downtown core once more before all the damage was done, it was so pretty there. Sadly there was one fatality and everyone in town has been accounted for. Two couples we know live there, the one couple received no damage but the other apparently had a few broken windows, a tarp over their roof and the shade trees in their yard are gone,  they are shaken up but fine. For a bit of footage click
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