Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tues. Aug. 16th Lotsa Pickles

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        All is quiet at the farm, just Greg, Shelly and Suzie's dad coming to do chores and milking this morning, very sunny and warming up quite nicely, its gonna be a hot day about 30c (88f) nice... Suzie got a ride to her parents place after her dad was done chores, today the women are going to do some pickling. I puttered around a bit and began cutting some grass here before heading to New Hamburg to check out the picklers and have lunch. Next to the farm they are resurfacing the road with a new layer of tar and gravel, perfect day for it.
tar and gravel
        I got there and the ladies were busy trimming and stuffing the tiny pickles in the quart jars, more than a bushel of these itty bitty cucumbers. We have 5 generations here at work Suzie's Gramma, her daughter (Suzie's Mom), two grandaughters (Suzie and her sister Rose), two great grandaughters and three great, great grandaughters (infants but still helping).
all around the table
everybody busy
still working
28 quarts here and more still in the steamer
        All the jars filled and packed then on the stove into the steamers to be sealed. I just came to take some pictures, chat with Suzie's dad, have lunch with everybody and bring her home afterwards.
table is all set for lunch
        Once all the jars were filled it was time for lunch, a tasty ham, potato salad, fresh buns, pickles (of course) and a tasty cherry cheesecake for desert. Now that their work was done we took Gramma home and went back to the farm where I continued cutting the grass for the rest of the day (another three hours on the lawnmower).  While Suzie got to spoil Omer some more and putter around.
Omer getting brushed
       After the grass mowing was done, we cooled down in the shade with a cold beverage and decided maybe for a change we will pick up a pizza for supper, its been a while. Then afterwards we can sit on the porch once again with Omer, and our books, watching the sun set on the horizon. Just another wonderful summer day.
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  1. Yummy is right. Seems like are starting to work way too hard.

  2. Contessa:
    Not too hard, still having fun.

  3. That was a lot of pickles. Five generations, what a milestone that is! Love that everyone was able to help out.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Kevin and Ruth:
    Yes it nice that lots of hands make for a great social time and a quick job.


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