Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Happy Friday, Aug. 5th

Join us as we travel North America in our 
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        Happy Friday ! The weekend is here and once again people begin to pull into the campground for a couple of days of outside activity. Not nearly as busy as last weekend but still a few new faces here and there. The weather is still hot and humid with forecasts saying it will feels like 35c (93f) for at least the next week our so. Great weather for being outside and puttering around.

        So I have a couple of outside projects today.
Number one: is remove the car battery, and top up with distilled water and thoroughly clean the battery terminals, we have had and intermittent problem with them for a while.

Number two: Yesterday when I remove the house batteries from our coach I noticed the battery tray was getting flimsy, rust and corrosion from battery acid and weather. I asked the manager Joe if he had any material around and he appeared with a sheet of galvanized steel. So I set to work fabricating a liner to reinforce the tray, so after cutting, bending, and riveting its much better now. No pictures my hands were too dirty and greasy.

        Now with these projects out of the way I cleaned myself up and was able to cool down and sit in the shade with Suzie and a good book for a while. Before we know it, time to fire up our Weber , its not just a barbeque its a Weber. For tonight grill a couple of pork chops with a sweet and sour sauce and a tasty rice pilaf.
tasty supper
        After supper a nice walkabout the resort. We stopped to chat with Trish, her dog Maggie, and few others that stopped by.
Suzie and Maggie
        Then walk some more, chatting with more people and stopped to visit with Mark and Maryanne, sit and chat there for a while. We met them and their two children about 3years ago here and camped beside each other for two weeks, its nice to catch up. After a 90 minute walkabout our jaws got more exercise than anything, but it was fun, where else can you live with ever changing neighbors. Membership campgrounds are great for this, lots of the same faces in many different campgrounds and parts of the country over the years, what a great lifestyle. Now back home to read a bit more before its too dark outside, then we will call it another great day.

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  1. Huge job with the battery tray. They do take a beating. Our biggest problem for a few years while in Acapulco were the battery cables corroding.

  2. Contessa:
    Got the tray done, and the cables on our coach appear alright, I do clean and put a protector on them twice a year.


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