Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sun. Aug 21st, To Leamington

Join us as we travel North America in our 
Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August 2006

        Saturday was a great day in Plattsville, and after a chat and coffee with our hostess Lea on Sunday morning we are on the road shortly after 10:00am to Sturgeon Woods Campground and Marina near Leamington Ontario. This is a new membership park for us R.O.D. (Resorts of Distinction), we camp here free and are checking it out with two other couples we met quite a few years ago, in Lewiston New York. So 233 kms (144 miles) and three hours later we arrived at the most southern point of Canada.
todays journey
       Leamington is known as the Tomato Capital of Canada with green houses and fields of them everywhere.
tourist info
        As we made our way thru traffic clogged with bumper to bumper traffic we got a chance to check out the local establishments for the comfort of our coach.
good deal

downtown traffic
car show and Tomato festival
        On our way thru town we passed the huge facility for Heinz Canada known for their ketchup.
        A few minutes south of town we are on the shores of Lake Erie close to the campground.
the lake
Sturgeon Woods
        Then into the resort we check in and set up. Got a fully serviced site across from the outdoor pool, water slide and rec hall a huge facility with lots of things to do and activities for kids.
fun pool
Poolside Cafe

        We got ourselves set up, relaxed for a few minutes then walked across the playground to say hello and visit with our friends John, Wendy, Bill, Barb and their daughter Kim. Who we have not seen since last October, a really nice to get together with our friends and catching up! So after a happy hour social we returned home to fire up the barbie and grill some chicken breasts, potatoes and peas for a nice tasty supper.
        Now after supper back to visit our friends and join then around the campfire, telling stories ,and jokes until it was way past our bedtime then call it a another great day! But heck they on on holidays so I guess we are too! Stay up late and sleep in, its going to wear us all out, but we will have fun!
John putting wood on the fire
nice night
        We are  now settled in and have a whole week of hanging out doing stuff and exploring an area that is new to all of us.
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  1. It sounds like you were lucky and missed the tornado in Goderich. They had quite a bit of damage. Was there any damage at the park you were staying at or don't you know? I know you weren't there when it went through, you had luckily moved on by that time.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:
    Yes we were lucky, Don't know for sure if any damage done to that park,it was about 5 miles north of Goderich. Mapjority of the damage was the city square itself, the most beautiful part of Goderich. Lucky we moved on!

  3. What a great ROD park! I was so worried the day of the tornado plus you hadn't posted. So glad that you and you friends in that area are all well.

  4. Contessa:
    Yes very nice here and we have been spared the tornadoes, thank goodness. Have been so busy here, trying to find time to post!

  5. We are at the park just North of Goderich, Lake Huron Resort, having pulled in the day after the tornado. There is no damage here whatsoever. The hardest thing was having to find an open route around all the road closures. We ended up taking a dirt road up to Blythe Road (poor toad was covered in dust) and eventually making it to highway 21. Thursday today, and as far as I know, the roads are still closed. The town of Benmillerr was also hit.

  6. Daryl:
    Thanks for the update on Lake Huron Resort, glad to hear it was not damaged.


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