Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Saturday fun, local market in Ocean Springs , the harbours and another wonderful day.

Where are we today ?
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      Wow what a change in the overnight temperature got up at 4:30 this morning and 42f outside(68 F yesterday morning at this time), No problem just fired up our Blue Flame and in no time a comfortable 72 inside. Nice that sun rises so early and can get out for a nice walkabouts and no wild animal attacks this morning too, a real  bonus!
       First time we went outside noticed a bunch of the ducks had camped out right beside us looks like they spent the night here.
our own duck family right here
    We decided this morning to take drive down to Ocean Springs and check out the  harbour on our way to Biloxi. Only about 4 miles away. Suzie spotted a Saturday morning outside market, so a quick trip around the block. Parked the car and wandered over to check it out . We do enjoy local markets never know what we will find.
     This was nice local market with some inserting finds.
cool but at least a sunny day
      Lots of interesting things to check out.
we just had to try these Shrimp Corn Dogs,
these were excellent, very tasty
      A few more interesting things to check out but nothing more we wanted, or needed. Shrimp corn doges for breakfast did the trick.
nice looking fresh produce  too
egg rolls looked good but we abstained
the original TIN MAN?
a bottle tree?
a nice local market the kind we enjoy
     Now heading through Ocean Springs to the gulf and  the harbour. Love the drive past the older buildings and the roads covered with these amazing live oak trees, so mysterious looking.
looking like New Orleans influence
the streets covered with live oak trees love them
down by the gulf new homes rebuilt  on stilts
now ready for the next hurricane
nice new piers
the bridge over Biloxi Bay
       Down by the harbours lots of shrimp boats selling fresh shrimp, but we have no fridge room for more and we have another plan.
wish we were here longer
another  time
lots of wonderful yachts here as well
    We did a lot more today but will leave that for tomorrows posting, we headed up back home by 1 pm for a light lunch and relaxed out side on this wonderful sunny day only 60F but very comfortable in the sun. Got to read for a while putter around a couple of walkabouts enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
a pretty decent day , not for shorts but
 the sunshine was welcome
these ducks are everywhere here
gotta love the warm sunshine
more ducks
      Soon time for supper, tonight gonna fry some catfish fillets we love and fresh cut fries all done in our Fry Daddy, Fries done first then the fish.
we like this breading for our fish
nice fresh catfish never frozen
keeping our fries warm on the Weber Q
while I fry the fish
not long for the fish was excellent
fish done too
some fresh lemon, mixed veggies was wonderful
    That was our fun day and another fix of fresh catfish that we love. Warm and sunny just a bit cooler than we like. Heck much nicer that back home though.
    Want to thank y'all for dropping in today and hope you enjoyed your day with us.

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Your seafood meals look so good!! I especially love catfish. I’m enjoying traveling through your eyes

    1. Gotta love seafood , and catfish one of our favourites too. Glad to have you along Betty.

  2. Love the market. So many things to see in the area. Enjoy!!!


    1. Yes the south is a wonderful interesting place to visit. We always enjoy these areas.

  3. Quack-quack..quack...(:+)......

  4. Shrimp corn dog well it looked really good but I guess I'll have to take your word for it. Nice little market place.

    1. Yes Jo there were quite tasty , a large shrimp deep fried with a cornmeal batter.

  5. Looks like a great area your in now, glad your enjoying yourselves. Love local markets!

    1. This is a fun area we enjoy seeing and as always enjoying life. Nothing like local markets to get some local; flair

  6. The outdoor market appeared to have a good variety. I enjoy going to them. The live oak trees are amazing.. so grand! Did you buy the catfish locally? I would love to get a package of that as we pass through there in the spring.

    1. The market was very nice we enjoyed it Love the live oak trees too all over this area. This catfish I bought is local from the Walmart not far but we also went to a seafood market that is amazing I will post that today.

  7. Love the large oaks also down the streets of the towns. Mobile is probably the most impressive, that I have ever seen. Would love to be able to go down the street in the middle of the heat of the summer. Markets are always fun to enjoy.

    1. These live oak are so nice and different. It would be a treat to enjoy them in the heat if the summer.

  8. I just love the fry daddy. Got to get one. You always seem to find the best farmer's markets.

    1. We have enjoyed our Fry Daddy for a lot of years, makes some tasty meals for us.
      We do stumble across some nice farmer's markets in our travel.

  9. I think those attack ducks looked pretty dangerous to me. I guess you're lucky they were so sleepy so you escaped with your life... :cD

    1. They can be dangerous but like you said I was lucky and did manage to escape with my life. LOL..


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