Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, November 16, 2018

New Orleans, French Quarter and a wonderful sunny warm day.

Where are we today ?
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       Just another great sleep but again I slept too fast. Asleep by 9pm and wide awake at 3:30. ok no problem I am well rested and ready for the day. Got some computing, breaky and coffee taken care of and with the early sunrise out for my first walkabout just after 6 am. A cool but sunny day and no wind it sure looks like it will be a great day.
       On my first walkabout here enjoyed the mist on the pond right behind us. And the wonderful blue cloudless sunny skies.
first thing we saw when we hit the French Quarter
it is going to be an amazing day

         At 9 am we hopped in the car and headed to new Orleans and the French Quarter.
        We have been here maybe a dozen times over the years but still enjoy wandering about seeing the sights.
this causeway is about 25 miles across Lake Ponchatrain
$5.00 toll return but a very long boring drive
        We are in New Orleans making our way to the  French Quarter past the dome here where the Saints will be playing on Sunday. A good time not to come here, this is why we choose Friday.
      Got our Parked down by Jackson Square by the water front and began our walkabout this very interesting area . We Know it well one where we want to go and what we want to see so does not take more than a few hours of fun.
you can rent bicycles here if you like
bicycle cabs
down on the Mississippi the Natchez River boat
playing the very loud steam organ
you can hear for blocks

this is too cool
bridge over the  Mississippi to German Town
we have been there too
this guy across from Jackson square was an amazing singer
Buggy rides, sightseeing? lotsa choices
    Then of course the Cafe Du Monde for a Beignet a must do when you visit here. We have had a few  but not today.
always a busy spot
    Then we strolled down Decatur st east to The French Market enjoying the sights and ambiance.Og New Orleans . Musicians on every corner and buskers doing their stuff and the Music, love the music.
music everywhere 

I do enjoy this gator they sell almost like chicken bites
some amazing spices if you you care
soon time
Love this store and you can sample all their amazing hit sauces
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wear this outfit you will be sure to get lotsa beads
down by Jackson Square lots more buskers and artists
Another store I enjoy love their Tabasco Steak sauce
tasting samples
another busker
St. Louis Catherdral
    From here we wandered a few more streets and west on Bourbon Street.
awesome music everywhere 

here we are now heading west
     By now it was almost noon time to find a bite to eat. Over all these years have never eaten in the same place twice. We are here for the experience and so many s choices. Today this place looked interesting and resonable to we will check it out. This be the place Saint's and Sinners.
everyone here having fun and we did too
    Checking the menu here I was offered a crawfish sample , I have had many times before and really enjoy.
I had tasted it first before I too my picture
it was so tasty and spicy the way I love them
on the ceiling here 
I decided on the backend ocean fish, with fries, (instead of grits)
it was very tasty!
         Now from here we wandered a bit more down Bourbon St enjoying the sights.
    Then we came across the bar that we enjoyed and partied with our good friends Rob and Pat a few years ago and yes they still have the music and 3 for one beers!
everyone having fun here
love the buildings and atmosphere here
Suzie gilled chicken on a bun with fries
we both enjoyed a very tasty lunch

yes we in NOLA
        Enough for today after here we drove through Warehouse/Arts district to the Garden District Will post a fe wof these pic s tomorrow . Time to head back to The park and hour away and enjoy a Happy Hour with Jim and Sharon
Suzie got a new hat today
she sure is Pretty in pink
she is in the pink
        Just before 4 pm we joined Jim and Sharon for Happy hour catching up with our fun days Then we left them to have their dinner and we home to relax. A snack of wine of this shrimp rolls we split and some popcorn. That all we need tonight.
   Thanks for joining us here in Nawlin's we have a fun day and the weather could not have been any better.

    TIP ! from the waiter in the restaurant told us there is a parking garage at the corner of N Rampart and Iberville where you can park for 12 hours 7 bucks! Wow we paid $28.00 for 4 hours this year. guess we did not research enough. Thanks for the tip Donovan.
right across the lake

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Looks like you and Suzie had a fun day. We hope to make it there soon. We are actually hoping to be back through this way during Mardi Gras in March.

    1. It was a fun day so much to see and do there.
      Enjoy the area we always love it here.
      We were here years ago during Mardi Gras, Parades everyday all over even on the north shore, it was crazy.

  2. Thanks for sharing this fun filled day with all these great pictures.

  3. NOLA is one of my favourite places, just to visit. Looks like you enjoy it as well. Thanks for the parking tip. If you like your hot sauce your pretty close to the tabasco factory. They have a great tour. They are at Avery Island just south of New Iberia.

    1. We always enjoy coming here love the atmosphere its a fun time. The parking tip sure is handy wish we knew about it a long time again. We have been to the Tabasco Factory a couple of times and sampled all there great stuff in their store all so tasty especially the Tabasco Ice cream.

  4. What a FABULOUS place to visit!!!!

  5. Looks like a fabulous day and weather! Love seeing all the shops and buskers. Gotta say Suzie's lunch look incredible. Cute picture of her in her pink hat! Thanks for the tour!!

  6. We would love to go to New Orleans some day. Once Shelagh has her new knees we'll get back into travelling mode. Lunch looks excellent! And Susie's new ball cap is a hit!

    1. This is a fun place to explore I a, sure you will enjoy it. Lunch was excellent we really enjoyed it. Good luck with her new knees.

  7. Replies
    1. Yes Stew it sure is and we love it here. Thanks for coming along.


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