Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, November 17, 2018

2 Famer's markets today, warm sunny weather and a fun Happy hour with friends.

Where are we today ? 
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          Hey I slept in until 4:30 this morning that is amazing ! Got breaky and coffees done and when the sun came out I enjoyed a very nice walkabout around the trails here. Temps in the low 50's f but the sunshine was making it very comfortable.
love the reflections on the pond behind us
        At 8:30 this morning we picked up Jim and Sharon and headed into the Covington market. We did this on Thursday . But today a different location and much more vendors. A very nice Saturday market. Lots to see and some deals to be had.
Louisiana Satsumas
these pralines are excellent
    Lots of great foods and produce here, we did buy a couple of things.
hot roasted chestnuts awesome

we bought a bag of these Satsumas,
so very tasty and juicy
fresh local shrimp ,
we did not buy any today 
     They have a nice flow court here and perfect on this warm sunny fall day.
Jim, Sharon and Suzie
almost overdressed now at 9:30 am
     Shortly after this we headed down to The Mandeville Trailhead Market, just buy the shores of Lake Ponchatrain. This market was much larger.
    Lots of neat vendors here from fresh produce, to cooked and prepared food and of course lots of crafts as well.
fancy gourds
carved alligator head too cool
microwave bowl cozies we have one and love it!
nice fresh produce
pecans and honey
this is a very nice market
tasty Tamales
nice carved walking sticks
very tasty Marinara sauce
    And across the street we found another market , more stuff to explore!
   Here they had some interesting craftsand food.
more Tamales
this Lady Emma has some very good pastries
and baked goods, VERY Reasonable too,
my she is a character!
we bough a small pecan pecan pie for 2 bucks
and these very tasty pound cakes for 4 bucks
   We headed back to the car and this lady was entertaining here , Karaoke style playing some great music and she was a wonderful singer. So good that we were going to dance. Could not get Suzie to go for it so we enjoyed watching Jim and Sharon and their moves. 
they having fun while we watched
      We drove down around the lake a bit took many more pictures, but this be enough for today, then back home for lunch,
    After a relaxing afternoon enjoying the sunshine and wonderful warm weather we joined them for Happy hour and a campfire 3 pm.
Jim had gathered wood and got the fire going
their corner site and campfire
brought a few more campers here
a nice afternoon fire
we having fun
the more people and dogs showed up
nothing like this lifestyle
     In all the 11 years we have known Jim and Sharon these last few days is the most time we have ever spent together and we really enjoyed each other's company.  They are heading off to New Orleans tomorrow for a day or so, we will not see them until the next time. Whenever that will be and as usual unplanned and fun visits .
      As it cooled down we home by 5 p m to whip up a chicken stir fry for supper tonight inside that really hit the spot.
this was vey tasty
   Our day was busy and fun and the weather perfect no complaints here.
   Want to thank y';all for dropping on by.

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. nice to catch up with you guys and seems like you are enjoying yourselves in Louisiana with Jim and Sharon. We also enjoyed their company last winter at Yuma Lakes.
    To market to go to a lot of markets but I never hear about you buying a fat pig! :)

    1. Nice to catch up with JIm and Sharon as we have been running into each other over the years. We always enjoy the markets this area of the USA and especially New Orleans so much fun. Been a long time since I did a pig roast.

  2. Looks like a couple of excellent farmer's markets. I'm always amazed at some of the craft work at these places.


    1. These are interesting markets and love chatting with the vendors for some real local flavour..

  3. Y'all sure enough know how to enjoy life! Good for you! Thanks for sharing with your readers!

    1. Yes Gumo we enjoy this lifestyle and the wonderful ways to have a good time.

  4. The shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico are a close second to those from the Gulf of California. You found a few nice markets in your travels today.

    1. They are a close second but can't beat the shrimp from California. Lots of markets all over around here, and year round with their nice weather.

  5. All those wonderful farmers markets, miss walking around them and buying fresh produce.

    1. We love them too, when we can find them, not much of them out west when we get there.

  6. Love to see a close up picture of the pecan pie you purchased, but you probably have already eaten it by now. Getting ready today to bake a few pies for Thanksgiving Thursday using my mother-in-law's recipe I gave you.

    Did you see any boiled peanuts in the markets? I've looked everywhere for some, but I guess I waited too late this year to get some raw peanuts to boil myself and put them in the freezer.

    1. Ok Dee I just took a picture of the pecan pie will post it tonight. We have seen a lots of boiled peanuts in our travels but don't really care for them that much so don't bother with them I think mostly around Georgia and Alabama.

  7. Sounds like another wonderful day. Three markets, fresh produce, and baked goods, plus, good friends. Then a campfire not a bad way to spend a day.

    1. It sure was a wonderful day, no complaints here at all.

  8. More great markets and crafty things. I love it!! Never can find anything like that around here. Think I've said that before. I would be buying and trying ALL those tasty foods!!

    1. There is some wonderful market in this area and we did sample a lot of foods, and purchased a few. A fun day it was.

  9. All of those farmers markets look awesome! What a great morning you all had! Then the fun carried on with Happy Hour and a great fire! Lots of friends to hang with for sure! Dinner looked awesome too!!

    1. We love the markets here and another one today, this is a great area that we reaclly enjoy, And meeting upswith friends for happy hours a real bonus too.

  10. Look like very interesting markets to explore, and better weather than our foot of snow!

    1. Yes Stew love the markets here as well as the weather.

  11. I really need to tag along with you and get to these markets. Thanks for all the great photos.


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