Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, November 09, 2018

How do you spell Mississippi, a quick visit to Biloxi and a nice visit with good friends.

Where are we today ?
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       Another mild night for a good sleep 68F at 5 am and still warming up. Got an almost very nice walkabout at 6:30 this morning for a bit over a mile. But partway around there was a couple of tiny Chihuahuas running loose and they were fine until they spotted me. Oh my they came after me at 100 mile an hour barking,  growling, showing their teeth, (they gots sharp teeth ya know) and trying to bite me. Heck I go my shorts on. I was kicking at them but they are fast little buggers and just kept at me for seemed like hours (ok 5 seconds maybe). Then a young lady came running out yelling at them apologized, scolded them and took them home. A close call, no blood shed and we all survived, Good thing I did not have my gun (lol) or there might have been.
now this is how you spell Mississippi right?
     My walkabout took me by these colourful cabins by the entrance  and down by the beach they have here with paddle boats to use, would be nice in the summer.
love theses colourful rentals they have here
nice beach
geese honking at me  and lotsa ducks around here too
love the trees, but the washrooms,  they are VERY tired
        At 7 am I did a quick 2 mile scoot to the store for a  couple of things then shortly after 9 am Suzie and I headed into the Biloxi visitor centre.  Lots of great information and history about this area and 300 years it has been in existence. We watched a couple of videos and some interesting history of this lighthouse. It was built in 1848 and manned/womaned until 1938 and is still in use. The most damage that was done to it was in 2006 when hurricane Katrina attacked it and a storm surge reached to 1/2 of its 64 foot height. The city of Biloxi spent 14 months and $421,000 dollars to refurbish it and it reopened again in 2010.
       Our first visit to this area was in 2006 a year after Katrina and the devastation was amazing and so very sad. They have come back and reopened the beaches rebuilt many businesses , new piers docks and bridges. Except for all those floating casinos and huge mansions that were just swept away.
       A few years ago we spent a menthe in this area and toured most of it and every year we can see how they have rebuilt and are making Biloxi beautiful again, Sad that all the stately mansions and wonderful architecture has been swept away. Mostly just pictures and memories that can be seen an enjoyed at the visitors centre. Further in land there is still some interesting building to view still.
over the Bridge into Biloxi
Casinos everywhere rebuilt along the road again
the lighthouse and visitors centre
love this staircase inside the visitor centre
lobby here

the front porch typical of a southern mansion
this is the visitors centre
the lighthouse out front
love the staircase
a Canadian began this colony !
below you can see where the water levels reached
the rad line shows Katrina's storm surge
      Now across the road the take a view of the beaches here. cleaned up after Katrina, there is 26 miles of beach like this, and they are awesome.
a nice rebuilt pier to walk out and fish if you like
          Did what we wanted to do today then were back home by noon and quite hot with the ac on in the car, 80F outside, we enjoyed some leftover pizza I had in the freezer and sat outside to read for a while, but the winds picked up and rains began. So we stored out awning and headed inside. Now by 2 pm only 62F outside. My what a quick change in temperature!
reheat our pizza in a covered fry pan is the only way
and tastes almost like fresh baked
        So inside computing and reading for a while. we really like the free wifi and it is pretty fast too no complaints here at all. Some areas of the campground may be tired, but we have our own home and a nice site and the price was right.
       Shortly after 2 pm our good friends Jim and Sharon stopped in for a visit and Happy hour of course. They are camped not too far away and were out and about in the area. So nice to catch up again. They are from Alberta Canada, last time we saw them was January in Arizona. First time we met them was in Desert Hot Springs California at Catalina Spa for a New years eve gathering maybe 8 years ago and a couple of years in a row. Then again in Key West Florida. Again In Alabama and a few other times. Such a small world  and so nice to keep getting together with them.
Sharon and Jim
    Shortly after 4 pm they headed on out said our see ya laters and we will again in a week or too. Another membership campground we will both be at.
     Then soon time for supper , our original plan changed  because of the rain . cold and wind, but we flexible . So tonight just going to fry up some of our tasty Turkey Garlic sausage to go wth our salad always tasty.
I found this humus today for my crackers and found it very tasty
first time I have seen it was at Walmart
this sure hit the spot plus the rest of my sauerkraut
topped it off.
    Amazing how  the weather changed today from 80F at noon to 52 F at 7.30pm oh well we have had a good run so far and supposed to be sunny again tomorrow.
     Thanks for the peek and hope your enjoyed your day wherever  you might be.

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  1. What a great morning you had visiting all that neat stuff so the day wasn't a total loss oh and seeing some good friends.

    1. It was a good day all around except for weather this afternoon. And always nice to see Jim and Sharon again too.

  2. Well George and Susie, we had snow yesterday and it's very cold here at Rock Glen. So I think that you are so lucky with your weather. Just jealous.😏 We won't leave this late again. Thanks for the tour. Very interesting

    1. Brrrr, the cold and snow snow is not fun, hope you can get out of there soon and travel safely

  3. Looks like a nice area, we will have to get that way and check it out.

    1. So much to see in this area some very interesting history as well worth checking out.

  4. I love the coloured cabins in the part too and the beaches look nice. Glad they were able to put many things back together.
    It is nice that you are enjoying the park and that you 'beat off' the wild dogs. haha

    1. The coloured cabins are very nice looking and the 27 miles of beach is really amazing. Glad I served the "wild " dogs and no damage was done.

  5. It's so sad to see all those old buildings disappear at Biloxi. I'm glad they fixed up the Visitor's Center ... it's beautiful!!!

    1. It is sad that so much of this history has been washed away but they are rebuilding with a lot of new places now.

  6. We travelled to that area before Katrina and always loved it. It was an amazing mix of old and new but since Katrina things haven't been the same of course. As you say all the old mansions are gone and the casino's no longer need to float. A bit of history for you, The first Hard Rock Cafe casino was being built before Katrina hit and was to open shortly after the date of the storm. It never opened, it was completely destroyed. The one you see now is the replacement in the same spot. The Beau Rivage, The Isle of Capri (no longer called that) are the only two casino's that remain in the original spots and were left standing after the hurricane. All of the others moved their casino's across the parking lot to where their hotels were located before Katrina. A nice little campground in the area is Magic River Resort in Gulfport. Great people, great place. Enjoy your time in the Biloxi area.


    1. Would have loved to see this area before Katrina but did not happen. Only have found what was in some pictures.
      Nice that you could see it then. Thanks for that info.

  7. Wow, what a drop in temps! But it's still somewhat warm - it was 16 here this morning! South Texas is sounding better all the time, but we'll get through it. It's worth it to spend the holidays with our kiddos! :)
    The cabins in the park are so cute. Wow, I'm not sure what I would have done with those little chihuahuas. Glad their owner rescued you!

    1. It was huge drop but nice and sunny today. Spending time with the Kiddos is more important for sure. The cabins are cute, glad the owner was there too or somebody would have been hurt and probably not me.

  8. Biloxi looks good, a few years ago it was still in recovery in some areas. BTW. The shrimp are looking good yummy!

    1. It is looking much better and they have done a wonderful job recovering . Oh yeah and the shrimp are wonderful thanks

  9. What a different world from souhern Ontario!

    1. Yes Stew this is a totally different world and culture.

  10. You have given that tip for reheating pizza in a frying pan on the stove before and I recently tried it. I didn't use any spray or oil, just put a couple of slices straight into one of my Calphalon ceramic nonstick pans, popped a cover on and waited till the cheese started oozing.

    Oh my, you're so right! It's like a *freshly baked* slice from the pizza place! At home!

    I can't believe it took me all these years of eating sad, soggy-crusted leftovers heated in a toaster oven or microwave to finally learn this, but because of this blog I'll never have to again. Next time, I'm ordering the biggest one they've got so I can have pizza parlor-grade pizza all week!

    THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH! You're a genius!!

    1. It does work pretty good, nice to reheat pizza and be able to enjoy it.


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