Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Cruise Day 4 Belize.

Where are we today ?
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    A great sleep again and slept in until almost 6 am, guess the 7 miles walked yesterday and later night did it. Got some computing done and coffees consumed even a mile our so walked before heading out for our shore excursion in Belize Central America. No breakfast today we were not hungry.
     We were to meet in the Liquid lounge for 845 this morning to board many tenders taking us to shore about 5 miles in. No piers there for large cruise ships.
     We were here checked in and boarded the bus to take us on a nice narrated tour through Belize to where we picked up the air boats for our tours, Lots of interesting history about this small country, and and interesting fact is the about 85 % of the farming is done by the German Mennonites you can click that link HERE.

tenders waiting to take us a shore
         Quiet a few tenders were needed but did not take long.
here we are
their flag
     Driving thorough the town for a while reminded us very much of Mexico though English is their main language. From some new colourful building to shacks and very narrow roads. The minimum wage here is $1.25 and hour and gasoline $6.00 a gallon so most people road bicycles or small scooters.
the cemeteries above ground here like New Orleans,
dig down 3 feet and there is water!
       We arrived for the air boat adventure checked out their store then got our orientation and safety talk before boarding our airboats 3 were needed only 16 people per boat.
    We followed the crocodile route but sadly no sightings today. except right here.
 A huge alligator trying to swallow us
but we did manage too escape on time !
the boat ahead of us leaving
huge v-8 engine roaring the large fan
that skims us over the water
          We are off and touring skimming through the shallow waters.
the closest I got to a manatee

some nice scenic places
lots of different birds seen 
as the boat turns we are instructed to lean
into the it like on a motorcycle
the captain and one passenger behind us
another tight turn
    Now we heading back to the pier checked out a few shops..
    It was 2:30 pm by this time and we wanted ti gets some food back at the ship so boarded our tended and back on board, and the the Buffet that closes at 3:30 pm .
back on the tender
Suzie wth her hat tied on 
just about there
they ready fo us
     We went right to the buffet and enjoyed a tasty salad with some fish and orange chicken pieces sure hit the spot.
    Then a walkabout the ship while Suzie grabbed a shower lots of people busy doing fun things

      That taken care of we went to the Red Frog Pub for happy hour a pitcher of beer 1/2 price only $10.00
this a a nice busy pub
bar games
and a neat concept draught taps at you table,
just pay with you room key
it was nice out so we took our brew
and enjoyed sitting in the deck
lots of nice seating areas
     Then we walked about some more  in the main lobby a steel drum player signing some great song we enjoyed for a while.
     Then to the Punchliner Comedy Club again tonight to listen to a pretty good different comedian than last night.
    After his show we explorer some more made a small donation in the casino , checked outa few shops relax on another quiet deck area near the front of the ship .
So many wonderful quiet relaxing places to enjoy
    Then back to our room by 8:30. enough excitement for one day. WE have another busy day tomorrow, then a couple of days at sea.
our room made up bed turn down and our puppy dog waiting for us.
this is where we need us cruising today
    It was a  fun day and seeing new places and the airboat ride a unique experience.
    Thanks for joining us today and hope y; all had a great one too.

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. I see smiles on faces..Some folks are having too much fun!...$20. pitchers of beer!?..I must be getting way too old...In Seattle we had $1.00 pitcher nights...And dime schooners on Tuesdays...
    The air boat engine looks like a 454 Chevy..I have one in "Lucy"....
    Keep -on!

    1. Sorry David we are having too much fun $20. pitchers is what we normally pay in Canada ond on the cruise ships, not cheap to drink. I remember pitchers used to be cheap too but a long time ago. I thought it looked like and old chevy engine, sure did the trick.

  2. HOW FUN!!!!! I love the alligator pictures. Good thing you escaped!! I can't believe all the things to do on that ship. So much to do, so little time!! The air boat ride looks exciting too! Glad you are having a great time!!

    1. We did escape lol. so much to do on the ship you would never have to leave, but we choose to visit these places. We are having a ball!

  3. one of the few islands we haven't visited on a cruise, some day though...

    1. We have not been here either another reason we chose this cruise, nice to see different places.

  4. Some great adventures for you and Suzie. Loved the pictures!! Enjoy.


  5. Looks like a fun day on Belize. I love the alligator pictures, nice to see you both laughing together!

    1. Thanks Patsy Belize was a fun day we are having a ball !

  6. It truly looks like you are having a fun time with your cruise.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Great tour day. Too bad you didn't see gators on the airboat, but the birds must have been something. Looks like a lot of fun! Nice looking cruise ship. I hear it's one of their newer ones.
    So now you have us considering doing the same thing when we hit Texas in February.

    1. The cruise wa wonderful and this ship has just about everything you need, the tours fun as well.

  8. Those are huge tenders. Sounds like a full fun day. Love your smiles in the first alligator photo.

    1. They are very large tender m they have to ferry a lot of people to shore. The whole day was a blast.

  9. "Husband Daycare Centre" my kinda place!!! Well, that was a fun filled day.

    1. It is a great place to hang out they take care of the husbands there for sure.

  10. You can't beat the fun you have on a cruise. Loved doing airboat rides, they really move, don't they? :c)

    1. Cruises are so much fun and the airboat so fast over a few inches of water.

  11. Sounds like it's all a lot of fun!

    1. It is a lot of fun we loving it glad to have you along.

    2. It sure is a lot of fun.we loving it.


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