Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cruise day 5, Mahogany Bay, Routan Honduras

 Where are we today ?
 clic a pic to enlarge it
      I took over 200 pictures today and narrowed down but still too many, 
but this was our great day here 

      Just another great nights sleep  up at 6 am to day bright and sunny 72 F outside already going to be a perfect day ! looked out over our balcony and we are in port, a very narrow channel and so close to shore can almost touch it!
     Got our coffees consumed and a few walkabouts check out the scenery and the ship again.
this where we are today
the view from our Balcony at 6:30 am
we in port very close to shore
here we are in Mahogany Bay
opps here is a couple of ships that did not make it
    Then around the pool can see the staff has been busy overnight  creating animals for all the lounges, looks so cool.
         We decided on a light breakfast this morning, cereal will do the trick like we usually do.
a cool cake made from towels
this is the tour we are going on today
just after 8 am we headed into port
another ship in port too
    Checked out a few shops in port then met up with our tour group.
we getting together for the tour here
local dancers  and drums very nice out us in the mood
    On the bus with our Tour Guide, Charlie a very nice lady and so informative about where we are going and info on the island.
this be Charlie
   We headed out for a nice drive on 2 small buses, to our first stop around the island a very pretty place.
First stop the Iguana preserve
     These Iguanas are amazing all over the place and they gave us  leaves to feed them with. Interesting information on them too , Cold blooded temperatures below 60 F they hibernate!
Suzie feeding them they go nuts!
   About 20 minutes here then to the Cameo Institute where they carve seashells and do some amazing work.
good paved road but very narrow
one of the carvers here
some amazing works of art
    Next stop was the Roatan Rum Company where we can taste all their Rums free.
Lots of samples and we bought some Coconut Rum
and a Banana Rum cake
some tasty treats
checked  a few vendors here
      Then next a stop at the recycled store for some interesting pieces created from recycled materials.
nothing we needed here
    Next walked 5 minutes down this narrow street by the beach to the Chocolate factory.
a great place for divers the waters here 85F year round
 interesting chair made from used tires
this be the chocolate factory
     We were shown how they make some very good chocolate here,
the chocolate beans to start
labelling the finished product
now to sample all the finished products
we bought 2 cookies fo a snack,
very tasty
          From here to Sol Mar , the beach and  some local dancers putting on a show.
the music and dancers were very good
2 ladies from our tour got ups to dance with them
    Now it was 1 pm and 45 minutes beach time before heading back to the ship.  The restaurant was very expensive but a grill on the beach had these Kabobs for 5 bucks, that is all we needed.
tasty chicken Kabobs
a Corona for Suzie and Local beer for me
did the trick
then we relaxed on the beach licensing to music
 and people watch enjoying the cool breeze
what an awesome beach here
waves breaking at the shoal off shore
          Now 20 minutes back the the ship. we checked out a few shops and back on board by 2:30 p m
this is a map of the whole island
not very big
         Back on board right to our stateroom put my swim suit on and we down by the pool in the shade, still very hot humid at 82 f  and amazing intense sun. I brought my mac book and Suzie  her I-pad to read. Music all day long and just a wonderful relaxing afternoon .
I worked on this posting off and on
a couple of walkabouts 
then cooled down in the pool
salt water at 85 F wonderful!
that be me there  too
listening to the steel drums and his singing
 right here he is excellent
          Shortly after 5 pm we pulled out fo port and enjoyed our first sunset at sea on this cruise.
         That was our wonderful pretty perfect day that we both really enjoyed. Now because we were on the deck and just below us Guys Burgers were cooking all afternoon we could not resist. So we broke down and really enjoyed the home made burgers, mine topped with a special sauce onion rings, tomato, lettuce, pickles, chipotle mayo and jalapeno peppers, Sinful for us but we took care of that craving too.
      Got  a few more walkabouts total 6 miles  today so not too bad at all.
      This tour day really topped yesterday, all were good but this the best on of all on this cruise. 
      Now we can enjoy more things on this ship or just enjoy the wonderful weather for the next 2 day at see before returning to Galveston and our coach to resume our travels.
      Now by the pool tonight at 8 pm the huge tv screen is playing a football game. not something that interests us. so many people here yelling etc . maybe soon time to headlock to our quiet cabin and balcony.
      Thanks for stopping in and hope you enjoyed your day as much as we enjoyed ours.
this is where we cruised last night

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. I'm enjoying this cruise with you. We visited the same ports in Jan 2010. The difference at Mahogany Bay from then till now is striking. Carnival had recently constructed the Mahogany Bay setup, (Royal Caribbean docked at CoxenHole),and no excursions met us at the pier! We had to walk up that long grade to the very new area of stores, past them a few hundred yards where we could meet up with our guides at a wide pullout off the road. We did a tour on those very narrow roads too. Hope to return next year.

    1. Thanks for coming along Barbara.
      It is a wonderful setup now , Carnival; did a nice job putting it together. We would sure come back here again.

  2. Looks like you finally had some sunshine!

    1. Yes a full day of very hot sunshine, was wonderful.

  3. Sounds like a great day and thanks for the tour. We have never been to Roatan so it was interesting to follow along with you.

    1. Glad you could join us and new port for us as well very nice area.

  4. That looked like an exciting day of touring the island of Roatan in beautiful warm weather.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. I've been to Honduras a couple times but never to the islands. WOW! I may need to go back :) Keep an eye on the sunsets the air looks stratified enough to reward you with a 'Green Flash'.

    1. This is a very nice island to visit we sure enjoyed our day here.
      No green flash after the last picture the sun went behind the clouds.

  6. Sounds like a perfect port day. Never been to that area. Will add it to the to visit list. Enjoy then next two days at sea.

    1. this was the best port day of our cruise, we both loved it, now 2 days at sea enjoying the ship.

  7. That looks like a great day. The sun has returned and the beach looks wonderful.
    Two more days so continued to enjoy your days at sea. Beautiful sunset pictures and the colorful dresses of the dancers.

    1. It was an awesome day all around m we both really enjoyed it. The tour was excellent.

  8. Another wonderful adventure today. Thank You for taking us along

    1. Yes JO it was an awesome adventure we really enjoyed the whole day.

  9. What a wonderful time the two of you are having. The pictures are wonderful. Really liked the ones of the sunset at sea.

    1. We are having a ball thanks, that was the first sunset we got since at sea.

  10. Don't you just love their electrical wiring?? It always amazes me they actually work. Btw ... where do you get your vests? I just might need one.

    1. They just got electricity in 1994 on the island and works, very expensive here though.
      These are fishing vests, Maybe Bass pro, fishing stores or my last one I bought on E-Bay, they do come in handy lotsa pockets even a huge one on the back.

  11. Another fantastic day. What more could you ask for.

  12. Oh NO! Those iguanas are too close and huge for comfort!! The rest of the tour looked amazing though! You guys are certainly enjoying..and guilt for those burgers, I think not they sounded wonderful and every once in awhile u gotta do it! We have really enjoyed this cruise along with you!

    1. These Iguanas are friendly will nit bother you they vegetarians,
      We very seldom have beef have been overdoing it this cruise.
      Glad to have you guys along with us.

  13. Oh what a great trip you are having! I'm not jealous😉 but it sure would be fun to be you right now!

    1. Thanks Loree we are having a ball glad you could some along.


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