Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Relaxing Sunday, another market, GD#3 ,1st Birthday and more pics on this wonderful area

Where are we today ? 
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        A nice quiet Sunday enjoying this wonderful warm sunny weather. Last day here before we move on down the road again heading further west.
       Got a few nice walkabouts about 7 am warming up very nicely in the sunshine. Then about 9 am decided a perfect day to give our coach and car a good wash, its been a while. Quick and easy about an hour on perfect day for it. Then a light lunch and cleaned the pilot light on our blue flame heater , boy was it dirty, not burning right and kept going out, Works much better now.
        Yesterday was our Grand daughter's 1st birthday! and here she is in all her glory.
Happy Birthday!  love her smily face
love the reflections in the ponds here.
Dee, this is the small pecan pie we bought on Saturday for 2 bucks,
no we have not eaten it yet. in the freezer
        Then just after noon to the Sunday Market in Abita springs Art and Farmer's Market another beautiful market day.Our 4th market in this area. We have been here many times and always enjoy it here, a small town market with lots of local vendors.
A busy place on Sundays
     Lots of neat crafts and interesting foods to enjoy, but we just had lunch.
spoon art ?
we had a sample and very tasty, but I resisted ....
Abita Springs Princess
they have everything you might want right here
      We got back home about 1:30 pm for a quiet afternoon, Had a long hot shower, checked our tire pressures , dumped our our sewage, Getting ready to head out in the morning.
what a wonderful warm sunny afternoon 72 F
loving this weather car still looking good
nice and clean again
    Soon time to fire up our Weber Q to grill some chicken, We bought a nice 6 lb chicken for 6 bucks. so I cut it in half froze the rest and grilled a large 1/2 on the Weber on my trivet. More that enough for us and still lotsa leftovers.
this was done to perfection
added to our salad was excellent, and still lots leftovers
      Now that was just another nice relaxing day here is Louisiana an area we really enjoy. 

      Below is a few more pictures we took when in New Orleans on Friday,
the warehouse district
     Then cruised around the Garden district, some real amazing large mansions here.
     Also after we did the markets on Saturday with Jim and Sharon we went from the Mandeville market just down the road to the north shore of Lake Ponchatrain and cruised along the water front, Here there is some very nice waterfront homes close to the lake and mostly all raised on stilts to help them survive the high waters and floods from the hurricanes.
     While I was driving Jim had my camera to take a few pictures.
hey he snuck one of me!
I don't wear my hat in the car
      Lots of very interesting expensive homes along here.
     Then we came to the yacht club and a few sailboats here on the channel, a beautiful day but no wind for their sails.
Suzie and I by the harbour
   This was our last fun relaxing day here in Louisiana,  enjoying this wonderful warm weather and sunshine.
   Glad that y'all dropped by and hope you had a great day as well. Texas here we come !
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. There is no place quite like New Orleans! Safe travels.


    1. So true Deb, it sure is an interesting fun filled place.

  2. You gotta have real willpower to go to four markets and not bring home a trunk full of stuff you didn't know you needed!
    New Orleans looks great. Some fancy homes there. We're looking forward to seeing it ourselves in a couple of months.
    Travel safe!

    1. So much to see and do one New Orleans and this whole area, you will enjoy it. Nothing we can buy at these markets when you live in an RV, unless it is consumable .

  3. Loving the fancy homes. I'd love a tour through ALL of them!

    1. So much to see and do here in this area, And so many interesting home and buildings.

  4. Happy Birthday to GD#3! What a smile! Tamales de Venados? Not so sure about that niche product!,certainly another interesting market.

    1. Thanks Jeff she is a doll. Tamales de Venados I am not so sure about either, but I guess some people buy them.

  5. Happy Birthday to the baby with the best smile such a beautiful little face.

    Great pictures but I still wouldn't want to live there, visiting would be great

    1. Thanks Jo she sure does have a wonderful smile, makes me smile just to see her.
      Like you said a nice place to visit but don't want to live here.

  6. What a little cutie GD#3 is.
    Another great picture of the pond that was behind you two.
    Another great market and we are taking notes for when head east in March.
    Continued safe travels.

    1. Thank you, so much to see and do in this area I am sure you will enjoy it.

  7. You seem to be making the most of your time in the area

  8. Fabulous houses in New Orleans. One of these days I want to visit there. Deer tamales? I'll stick with cheese thank you.

    1. There is some amazing homes here for sure, Nt sure about the deer tamales either.

  9. Happy Birthday Granddaughter #3!! Such a cutie, that smile! Great pics George or the market and those beautiful homes! Wouldn't you love to see the inside of some of them?! Great pic of you and Suzie by the harbor! Pink is definitely her color!

    1. Thanks she is a cutie. Love the markets and homes around here.
      Yes pink is good for her.

  10. Great photos of both you ( in the car ) and your darling granddaughter #3. What a lovely place that you have been staying in. Sending safe travel wishes for today.

    1. Thank you really do enjoy this area lots to see and do.,

  11. WOw, quite a picture of your naked head! :cD


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