Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Relaxing on a mostly sunny Sunday, after more exploring yesterday.

Where are we today ?
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My Grandfather in WW1
he served overseas and is in this picture
       Below is a couple more things that we did yesterday. Enjoying more of this area. We wanted to check out this Maritime and Seafood Museum in Biloxi and enjoyed it for a couple of hours. It was destroyed by Katrina in 2006 and rebuilt opening in 2014. We were unable to enjoy in previous visits. 
admission $8:00 for seniors and well worth it
This was from the 1960's
so many wonderful displays and videos to enjoy
poplar mechanics published plans for this in the 60's very fast
homemade only 8 feet long
     Then a complete video and the history of this schooner NYDIA  the centre piece of this museum . Over 118 years old and completely restored what an amazing boat.
     Lots of other boats here on display mostly restored and fun to read about and view.
very similar to the Boat we had in the 1960's 
at our cottage on Georgian bay
     So much interesting information about the seafood industry.
this machine was invented in the 1970's and
could clean 1,000 lbs of shrimp an hour
the NYDIA form the second floor
information on Crabbing and oyster
     Then on the 3rd floor we enjoy a large informative video of the devastation that was caused by Katrina, and Camille  A lot of news stories and live coverage from back then.  Amazing the damage done and how these massive floating casinos were washed ashore and across the highway.
steamer for canned shrimp
machine for labelling canned shrimp
      After here we drove along the lakeshore (HWY 90) to view some of the Live Oak Tree art that was carved from the remnants of destroyed live oaks after Katrina. These are in the median of hwy 90 and were carved by a couple of chainsaw artists.
        Then on our way home we stopped in at Quality Poultry and Seafood , a wonderful seafood market with lots of fresh and frozen varieties and foods. We have been here before and wish we had more freezer space but did pick up a few tasty items to enjoy.
Add caption
all kinds and sizes of fresh shrimp
many varieties of fish etc. 
tasty catfish we love

oh my we sure could fill a freezer or 2
so much we wanted to buy and try
we did get a few items though.
this be what we bought there plus a couple
of crab cakes

Back to today

        Still cooler but no wind today and a nice sunny morning. After an early morning with some coffees and computing I took a nice walkabout for a couple of miles, enjoying the sunshine about 7 am, love the early morning sunrises. This be our last day here so we can just enjoy the warm sunshine and puttering around before we make a short drive to Louisiana in the morning with a couple of stops along the way.
interesting sunrise this morning 
my walkabout took me around the park
past the playground on a nice walkway
past the beach
part way around the lake is nice
    On my way back checked out the laundry room all new machines very nice. They are cleaning up this park. Now if they could redue the washrooms and get rid of some real old trailers this would be a very nice park.
all nice new machines
      Another walkabout this afternoon I found the culprit here that is feeding all these ducks and geese.
lots of food out for these guys almost fighting over it!
         Our relaxing afternoon in the sun and the shade , it was a wonderful 70F t shirts was the way to be almost put my shorts on bit did not want to take my runners off. But we did get to enjoy a few hours outside enjoying the fresh air, sunshine reading, now this is the life. Checked our tires and oil, dumped out sewage ready to hit the road in the morning.
        A local neighbour came by to chat for quite a while. always love meeting the local people that live in this area so interesting to talk to.
        Because its gets dark earlier we have an earlier supper. Tonight a small pork loin roast and the crabmeat stuffed potatoes we picked up yesterday to go with a small salad.
about an hour on our Weber Q 100 done to perfection
these were amazing !
added some homemade applesauce we got from Suzie's Dad
and had a wonderful meal.
leftover pork for lunches, perfect!
           That was our wonderful relaxing last day here, been 4 days, we are ready to move on down the road again, not far but moving.
        Thanks for stopping by and hope your enjoyed your day as well.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Those carvings are a great idea. Turning destruction into art.
    Looks like we have to add some of these places to our list of things to see and do when we get over there in January.
    Travel safe!

    1. So much more to see in this area I am sure you will enjoy the gulf coast, we spent a month in this area one year and di not see everything.

  2. Busy day but that's what traveling is all about seeing the sights. Oh the stuffed potato with crab to die for I bet.

    1. It was a busy one and we enjoyed the warmth and sunshine too.
      Yes is was an amazing potato with real crab.

  3. Careful with your weather George. This mess in Rockport is headed your way. It is not good travelling weather.

    1. Thanks Barney we keeping an eye on it. Supposed to rain but we not going far.

  4. We used to have a cottage on Georgian Bay George. It was on Richard's Bay near Parry Sound. Spent the whole summer there right after school got out and returned in September. So beautiful.
    The tree sculptures are very nice and once again I enjoyed your tour of the area. Safe travels.

    1. Our cottage was between Collingwood and Wasaga Beach and like you we spent the whole summer there with our grandparents.
      These tree sculptures are a beautiful addition after all the devastation.

  5. Looks like a great museum and the seafood store awesome! Your potatoes looked so good! Love the tree sculptures. Great place to visit!

    1. It is a very nice place to visit we do love this area. The potatoes were excellent.

  6. Those tree carvings are just amazing!! I would have eaten just the potato with crab .... maybe TWO of them!!

    1. They are really amazing so nice ti they made use of these destroyed trees. And the potatoes was awesome wish we had gotten more.


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