Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Won money at the Parhump Casino last week and we spent it here in Laughlin.

Where are we today
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         Only 55f this morning mostly overcast and very windy today (the wind is back here) No awning type of day with winds 25 mph plus. Did get some nice early morning walkabouts in the refreshing morning air. Chatted with a few people and putter around most of the morning it did get up to 82f today though.
        Then at 11:30 we hopped in the car and went across the river to the Riverside Casino in Laughlin Nevada. Got Suzie a players card and we went for the lunch buffet, 2 for one deal with the new players card. So for the both of us only $10.20. And that was a really great buffet. Wonderful salads and great fresh hot food selections, beef, chicken, scallops, Mexican, cold cuts, lots of deserts and soft ice cream more food then we could even sample. Even though very busy here no lineups other than purchasing our tickets as they open at 11:30 am ( Nevada time) and we are on Arizona time, less than a mile away.
     We got a perfect window table in a quiet corner overlooking the Colorado river. Perfect.
our table
from our table , water taxis
back and forth across the river
sampled a bit of salad
this was lunch....
next plate, rice, veggies, chicken beef,
scallops, pork, ribs and liver
this was supper....
and a river cruise going by too
       What a feast we had, no more meals today that's for sure, but it's only 1:30 so we have the rest of the day to wear it off.
        After lunch we tried our hand at the penny slots $5.00 each to see if we could win some free slot play or maybe even some cash.  We did get our slot machine fix in and spent no more money. But heck this was was the $20.00 US that Suzie won at the casino in Parhump last week, so really all this food and fun was free!
         Back home for some walkabouts, and reading, not too hot with the overcast sky and wind. Then at 3:30 over to Visit our friends Oscar, Judy, their daughter Lori, SIL Roland and of course Schatz.
       It was a wonderful get together as their 1st day back here in the park and our last day, we are heading on out in the morning. Always fun to chat with friends in the afternoon for a bit then back home to do our thing.
We plan to see then again
in southern California
next year
just as we got home the Sun was
setting 5;15 across the river
a few minutes later a plane lands at the
airport across the street
only a few during the day
so not too bad
a little later an even nicer sunset
2 in one night
the lighted spa and pool is very tempting
 at night
           Still outside in shorts at 7:30 and still 76f but time to head in for the night.
           Oh and supper tonight we had popcorn and shared an apple.
           What a nice relaxing way to wind up our fun week here, but gonna be getting cooler here so time to slowly make our way further south again. On the road in the morning.
            Thanks for dropping on by and enjoying our day with us, hope yours was wonderful too.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Most of those casino buffets are a good deal and good food. The view looks as good as the buffet.

    1. This was one a pretty good one no complaints there and view wonderful !

  2. Crikey .... you sure have BIG days, aye?? No wonder you go to bed early. That was a great table you got at the restaurant. Bet Liz Taylor wouldn't have got a better table than that. Mum wants to know how you blokes stay so skinny?? You must run a lot. I run a LOT and I eat like a horse but I'm still skinny. Mum says the only reason she got me was because someone told her that people grow to look like their dogs. It didn't work for her. She's got my skinny legs but not my trim waistline. But then I'm not a dog ..... I'm a whippet ..... there's a difference.

    1. We do get up very early and really enjoy the morning. Eating healthy light meals most of the time really helps, and I don't care for desert or sweets,( maybe a tiny bit of ice cream) , really helps. And I try to walk 3 to 5 miles (5 to 8 kms) a day as well. Suzie is like you she was built slim.

  3. That was a real feast. Clever to have water taxis

    1. It was avery good and a great price.
      The water taxis were more popular before Don Laughlin built the bridge in 1987. But still a nice touch today.

  4. We sure hope the weather doesn't get too cool when we are about to arrive very soon! :(

    1. Should be up to about 70f for the next while and sunny not too bad.

  5. Looks like fun! We are hunkered down near Texarkana for another couple of weeks, weather is nice! Safe travels!

  6. Coming out ahead at a casino is a good thing. Actually, it's only a good thing if that's when you quit and leave.


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