Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Davis Dam and the Colorado River Historical Society Museum

Where are we today
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          Hey it is still pretty nice here, not much wind today but temps only got to 82 f, cooling down now. Nice early morning walkabouts enjoying the cool morning air as the sun rises.
early morning view of the casinos
 across the river
looking over the campground
this is  a wash when the rains come
we have seen it flowing pretty
good in the past
           But we have an early morning excursion today before it gets too hot. Not far up the road is the Davis Dam. It was finished in 1953 and provides electricity for so much of this area. Amazing project back then.
the road over the dam is closed but
we could walk it.
the dam created Mohave lake
 a great area for fishing
          Left here and back to Bullhead only a few miles back but a steep grade 2 truck runaway ramps before the stoplight.
     Found the Colorado  River Historical Society Museum not far from camp, and is a very nice FREE one. Today was their 25th anniversary and they had free cookies too for all visitors. It is worthwhile to check out.
this museum was the original church
when they were building the dam
dinosaur foot print
        Way back when explorers saw this "Bull Head" rock in the river and so became the name Bull Head City !
of course we will go back to Oatman
before we leave here
      We had a hand cranked victrola like the one below at our cottage back in the 1950's that us kids used in the neighbor's boat house while we played card games etc..  at night and fresh made popcorn over an open fire. memories...... great times...
         For some 20 mule team info click here  there is so much interesting info about this. Amazing what they did way back when. And how they made it work.
original switch board when telephone service
 arrived in Bull Head City , 1965
       Now we back home for lunch a relax in the shade enjoying our e-readers. After a bit I wandered over to soak in the spa. Pool way too cold for me. But after the hot spa I was refreshed and the air felt much cooler.
       As the sun was setting time to whip up supper. Tonight the last of our Pickerel/Walleye fillets from Ontario, pan fried on our Weber Q as usual, grilled asparagus to go with our salad.
oh so tasty!
         Outside until after 7:30 tonight wrapping up the blog, getting chilly, either long pants or inside. Well we had a great day enjoying this weather so guess we can head inside and enjoy the rst of the evening, read a bit and maybe a show on the tube.
        Thanks for taking the time to drop in and check us out and if you are in the mood a comment would be wonderful always nice to hear from our followers
Where have we been this Winter


  1. Looks like you had another amazing day in Paradise!!

  2. Some years back we stayed beneath the Davis Dam in an AZ State Park. Saw Laughlin and Bullhead City. Lots of Casinos in Laughlin. Remember the fierce winds coming off of the dam whipping up the Colorado River.

    1. This is a very windy area, but we have been lucky so far this year.
      We checked out all the Laughlin Casinos a few years ago.

  3. Very nice museums. Dams fascinate me. We have been to the Hoover Dam twice, and I just can't get over what a genius the person who designed that dam is. It is a marvel indeed.

    1. They fascinate me too, we saw the Hoover Dam a few years ago. and the new bridge as well, amazing.

  4. Another nice day exploring and all before lunch

    1. That is our favorite time to head out, when it is cooler.

  5. Another nice touring day, nice to know after 10 years that there are still things to see. :)

    1. Always fun things to see, but more than anything we are here for the great weather and desert scenery.

  6. Well that's one place we haven't been to. Thanks for sharing.


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