Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Heading south and west, over yet more mountains, and an internet issue resolved.

Where are we today
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      Well after 3 full days here in Moab we decided to hit the road again. Mind you we could spent a lot more time in this area, there is so much to see. But is getting colder and more places we want to see.
      Last night a Land Rover from Denmark, pulled in close to us and set up for the night, almost dark.
      This morning they were outside having breakfast just before sunrise. Wow we were impressed and chatted with them for a bit as they were packing up. 2 adults and 3 children they are travelling North America plus Mexico and Panama, home schooling their children, think their youngest is 10 years old. Two tents on top one way already folded up. We gave them our info on the area and wished them good luck in their travels.
it was chilly bit they were pretty spry
only 7 am
they were all outfitted
      We were on the road about 8:30 heading a bit more west and south. And we ran into many more hills and mountains so it was slow going. 25-30 mph up the grades in second gear then a lots of the down grades at 6% in second gear to slow us down and save our brakes. But we did have some more wonderful scenery. It never seems to end here in Utah.
Indian lady here selling some nice crafts
    Then we carried on down some grades and up some more.
amazing road cuts
highest elevation today 7,886 ft
above sea level
      We started at 4,400 ft above sea level and were up and down until after noon.
glad we here before the snow comes, soon
6% grade for 4 miles
    When we arrived at the Walamart at Cedar City Utah discovered our new (last week) Verizon Mifi quit. So into Walmart and exchanged it for a new one. Suzie set it up and an hour later that one quit too! So we just got a refund and went to Verizon store across the street and purchased and upgraded one, more money but is much nicer. Same prepaid plan, lets hope this works better for us now.
     By this time it is 6 pm and Suzie suggested we go for supper, Well heck I am game, right beside us is many choices and Applebee's was our choice. As you know we don't go out much but this was an excellent choice. Great service and wonderful food. Another place that we know could be worthwhile when in the mood.
    We both ordered their fish and chips and they were excellent. Quick service, light batter, fish done to perfection and it was all hot.
a very yummy treat for us
    This mountain driving made for a pretty long tiring day even though we stopped before 3 pm . It was nice to wrap up a few loose ends when we can.
     Thanks for joining us today. We on the road in the morning to Pahrump Nevada where we plan to hang out for a whole week!
286 miles today
Where have we been this Winter


  1. Back in 1983 I worked on a geothermal project for Utah Power and Light to the east of town. We were in fairly desolate place but all around us was history type places that never had any folks come see it but me. That is another great place to put on your list.

    1. It looks like it could be and interesting place to visit someday as well, but for now looking for warmer weather.
      Actually so many great places that we can check out,

  2. It's mostly down hill from Cedar City to Parump. There are still some grades however. You won't be too far from Death Valley which we found to be interesting.

    1. Mostly down hill is good, and we want to check out Death Valley as well.

  3. I use the exhaust brake (Jake Brake) when going down long, steep grades in the mountains. Sure does save on the brakes. That is one advantage of a diesel engine.

    1. It is a great advantage of the diesel engine, plus the power for climbing you have a lot more torque. Not so with a gas engine.

  4. Now those folks are real campers

  5. Replies
    1. We may not need a weeks but the warmer temps and full hookups free works for us, to take it easy.

  6. Jagger and I hit that Wal-Mart several years ago. After shopping though we headed back to the Bryce Canyon area, traveling through the Dixie National forest. It was the end of May and we hit snow at the higher elevations. It seems Utah has a lot of high mountains, yes they are beautiful. Safe travels on your way South. It's still warm here in Arizona ;)

    1. It is a beautiful area, byt can bee cold up in the mountains.

  7. Had a strange experience once in Cedar City. Was on a Sunday. We parked on a wide open and empty parking lot of a grocery store for lunch only. Grocery store is closed cause it's Sunday and nobody is working. Suddenly a police cruiser pulls up and parks directly outside our open entry door. We expect officer to come out asking questions, but the man remains in his cruiser while we enjoy lunch. Shortly before we are finished the cruiser leaves us. Strange people there.

    1. Can meet strange people in lotsa places but we had no issues, so far on the road. Just nice friendly people.


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