Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Putter around and check out Don Laughlin's classic car collection.

Where are we today
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       Another very warm night, 56f at 5 am then as the sun came up so did the heat. A few nice walkabouts around 7 am, nice, cool and refreshing, lotsa other people out as well doing the same thing. Sure do love this weather and no humidity=perfect. Only got to 84f this afternoon so felt a bit cooler.
      Trying to get a picture on the Moon setting this morning but nothing was very good, but did get a couple of shots of Laughlin across the river right behind us. So nice all lit up.
          With not much planned for today so got a couple loads on laundry done by 11 am. Have a bite for lunch then I wandered across the river to the Riverside casino to check out Don Laughlin's Classic  car collection. Suzie not interested in old cars so she relaxed at home. No problem I can take my time and enjoy them.
1957 Chevy convertible 
all electric 1966 Mustang
Don's personal car 
1995 Tropica Electric car
1981 Delorean
some antique slot machines 
      Now to go to the 3rd floor showroom I would have to pay $2.00 or get a players card. Well the Players card is free so I got one. With the players card we have a coupon for a 2 for one buffet, which we might use for lunch tomorrow. Can get free slot play if I play $5.00 on my own money first, Don't need to do that. No yet anyway.
      The 3rd floor car collection is much larger, I saw it a few years ago but there is some new additions and I enjoy looking at them anyway. So I can do free. Lots of nice old cars and kept me entertained for a while enjoying the wonderful workmanship of these amazing older vehicles.
Looking across the river to Bullhead City
from the 3rd floor showroom.
this woody is wonderful and for sale
only $100,000. !

very similar to my 1956 Ford
original colors too !
Evel Knevel edition
Bonnie and Clyde's replica
      That was my fun tour today, now to relax in the shade under our awning behind the sunshade enjoying our e-readers, with my honey.
        Then as the day progressed time to whip up supper. Tonight a couple of shrimp kabobs on the grill to add to our salad.
ready to go
all done very quickly
yummy? yup !
as the kabobs were done a wonderful Arizona
 sunset across the river
          Perfect end to another perfect day. One more here then heading further south on Thursday.
          Thanks for stopping on by.

Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Kevin would enjoy checking out the old cars as well. He doesn't care for the real old ones as much as some of the classics for the 50's, 60's and 70's.

    Nice to see you getting some beautiful weather, while we chill away a little here in Romania. ;-)

    1. I enjoy all the old cars always fun to check out.
      Yes we are enjoying some wonderful wether here, no complaints.

  2. It is like looking at too many airplanes for me, so like Suzie I would stay behind with my book. Glad you enjoyed it, George.

    1. You can only look at so many of these, but nice once in a while. Much prefer the outdoor natural stuff but this was a nice change.

  3. You should have bought one of those classic cars to haul along with you. What a conversation piece that would be !


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