Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Now in finally Parhump Nevada and amazing weather.

Where are we today
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       When I got up this morning about 4 am the temp was 28f hmm cold ! Here  at the Walmart in Cedar City Utah. Mind you the elevation was over 5,200 ft . But in no time our Mr Heater  had us toasty warm.
       Coffees and computing done a walkabout the Walmart for a few things then as the sun came up Suzie ready to go so we secure the coach and on the road by 8:30. Heading south.
frosty windshield on the car
good byeWalmart
       Now for the next while we heading down hill, and that's good. Wide open desert views.
crossed state line to Arizona for  28 miles
But back into the mountains again
     The views here are amazing, actually mind boggling. These huge mountains and think about it. How did they make these roads? By 10 am it was getting very warm so we now into shorts and t-shirts.
Then we crossed into Nevada
wonderful bridgework
more nice open road
        Coming into Las Vegas a slow down for about 20 minutes, no problem we in our house, facilities right here. An accident, tractor trailer made a huge mess and one lane closed.
some Las vegas buildings
      We have no need to stop here in Vegas, been there, done that a few years ago. Had to see it then but we don't need to go back.
      Next heading to Parhump Nevada only another 60 miles. But is a long up hill drive. And our gas coach does not like uphill climbs especially with the higher temperatures. Was about 80 f. Not too far along we down to 30 mph and starting to overheat a bit. Construction zone but we had a pull off. Disconnected the car and Suzie drove the car behind me for the next 45 minutes. Still had to pull over once more to cool down the coach. Even with heater going full blast and of course no A/C going.
we pulled over here and disconnected the car
     We arrived at ur destination at 2:30pm (1:30pm local time) checked in, had lunch and all setup up. What a beautiful resort. We like our free camping (part of our membership) we only here 7 days but we have full hookups including free wifi (that is not too bad). Temperature here 84f and sunny. Now that is what we are looking for. 
you know it is warm when Suzie
is outside in shorts, in the shade
     I did a nice walkabout checking out some of the park and was very impressed so much to see and do in this area  as well. Maybe should stay for 2 weeks? No overnight fees for us.
by the covered pool
nice spa
billiard room
retractable roof on the heated pool
love the cactus
Palm trees too
    That is enough for today, relax in the shade and get some readying time done. I have been deprived. So nice to be at 2,500 ft above sea level now compared to this morning at 5,200 ft so much warmer, and in a week or two much lower elevation and more warm temps.
love the cloudless blue skies
        While we  were reading the welcoming committee stopped by to chat and give us some tips pf things to see in the area. What a nice welcome here.  
        Then as usual, time for supper, grill a couple boneless, skinless chicken breasts that I marinated in spices and Olive oil. Done on the grill mat. that way they do not dry out. Still moist and tender.
then a salad and we are good for the day
       Nice to get off the road for a bit and relax and full hookups a bonus as well.
       Our day was wonderful and hope yours was too. We sure will enjoy this warm sunny weather.
       Thanks for stopping by.
Where have we been this Winter


  1. You've made it. Finally you're in the warmth and can start really enjoying your winter life as a Snwobird! Relax for the next week and we'll see where next week finds you.

    1. Yes we are warm again, in a new area for us and now can slow down the pace a lot.

  2. When it gets down to 28º water lines are a concern. You should be far enough south now?

    1. When it gets that cold we fill our fresh water and disconnect the hose, but we pretty safe for more of the winter.

  3. You're retired...stay 3 weeks if you want. The campground looks very nice.

    1. A week or two in one spot is usually enough for us get the itch and we still want to get further south.

  4. Looks like a very nice campground with your kind of weather.

  5. I think I'd be staying longer than a week at such a nice place.

    1. We thinking about it, but will definitely come back again and spend more time. Much nicer than we thought it would be and so much to see in the area.

  6. The area offers some very nice drives into Death Valley. Enjoy.

  7. That looks like a real pretty place. ENJOY!

  8. A comfy new spot for a while. Enjoy the dry warm air.

  9. What a great place! So much to do there yet lots of day trips you could take... the best of all worlds!

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks, first time here and love it, we do like the free camping too.


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