Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, November 28, 2016

Now at the LTVA in La Posa south for a couple weeks, and meeting up with good friends for Ontario no their first Rv trip to the southwest.

Where are we today
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       After last nights rain and wind this morning was not too bad at all. The desert drying up nicely and sun shining still cool but this was just wonderful. Enjoyed another wonderful desert sunrise here at Dome Rock, then I headed on out for a few supplies.
desert sunrise awesome
       I made an early grocery run to Blythe California at 7:30 to stock up with a few items and home by 9am. Had my shower and we secured the coach to move from the free BLM area to La Posa South LTVA. We have been boon docking now for 12 days and soon need to dump our sewage, fill our fresh water and dispose of our garbage. So the $40.00 for 2 weeks works for us. Besides we have friends coming in here today as well. 
     We got all nicely set up in a very nice desert area here after the dump station and filling our water. Just before they called to say they were in town.
circular driveway
and nice rock garden
this site made for us Canadians
       We met with Gerry, Melinda and Tucker (of Tucker's Adventures) at the Chevon service centre on the east end of Quartzsite. To show them where we are camped and help them get set up. Their first year retired and rving to the southwest. We know them from Rock Glen Resort.
Tucker is glad to see Suzie again
or maybe it is the other way around
now to relax and get off the road
       A short while later we dropped by John and Barbs for a short "Happy Hour" .
      Then headed off to Silly Al's for Pizza, we really do love their Pizza. And everyone else agrees too.
we hungry and enjoying it
loving this and of course we have left overs
medium pizza
they have an open kitchen
that you can see them
stretching the pizza doughs
          Then back here to home dirt, chat for a bit enjoy a nice desert sunset as it cools down and call it a night.
La Posa South Sunset
       Just another wonderful desert day in the southwest and meeting up with friends again, sunny day and not much wind plus warmer weather. What's not to love about that?
       Thanks for stopping by and if you in the area look us up.
Where have we been this Winter


  1. Crikey .... how good does that pizza look?? I'd sure like to sink my choppers into some of that. I'm off to check Tuckers blog out now.

    1. I CAN'T FIND HIM!!!! Have you got a link I could follow????

    2. Oh silly me ...... I found it on your followers list. Now I'm in business ....

    3. Charlie we brought some pizza home, too bad you weren't closer could share it with you.
      Glad you found the link Charlie, this blogging and travelling is all new to Tucker.

  2. Nice exciting to share this time with friends who are new to the desert. The pizza looks yummy and the skies are gorgeous! Life is good!

  3. Fun times! The pizza there, really good! Emile and I went a few years ago. Glad to see your enjoying! Take-care

    1. Our favourites place to eat when we are in Quartzsite..

  4. La Posa SOuth is where we always stay when in Q, enjoy your stay there. :c)


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