Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

A great scenic drive around Moab and more diverse scenery of this amazing area of Utah

Where are we today
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          I slept later today OMG!  It was 5 am when I got up. Feel like I missed the best part of the day. After the sun came up at 7 am I got a couple walkabouts here to enjoy the nice 60f  morning weather.
we have a wonderful site here
       We had decided to take another scenic drive. 60 Miles and took us just over 3 hours, Left at 9 am and we had packed a lunch just in case. It is  4 hour  self drive tour the Colorado Riverway Scenic Byway 128 and Lasal Mountain loop Road, Recommended by fellow Bloggers Good time's Rolling. They know this area quite well.
      It follows the Colorado river for a while and is so scenic. then we turn on to the Loop   through the La Sal National Forest.
Colorado river
more amazing scenery
wonderful campsites
boat launch ramp
Sandy beach
Red cliff winery
     Then we made a right turn heading towards the Manti-Lasal Mountain National forest and from here we climbed and we climbed. Very narrow roads up the mountain, switchbacks car in second gear for the next 2 hours. The scenery amazing and my vertigo kicking in major! No guard rails not great roads and very high elevation, Hands clamped to the steering wheel and strange things I am going through . Wow this is tough. Suzie offered to drive, but I said I will be fine, maybe. Driving slow, no traffic and as long as I watch the road and did not look down I was fine (almost) just have to remember to breathe. This old age stuff has hit me a few years ago and really sucks, but I did not give up. I took  a few pics and I gave her the camera to take some. The scenery was AMAZING ! Sure would not have wanted to drive our motorhome on these roads. We would have been stranded!
slow going but we made it
and luckily no traffic
in the forest
    Then we finally came across Mason Draw Campground. Thank goodness we needed a pit stop. They have 5 campsites here and non occupied. There is no way our coach could have come here even it was amazing and only $5.00 a night.
was beautiful here
the road in and out of the campground
we came from way down there
Moab very far way, down there
lake on the mountain
a mansion all the way up here, why?
the view is amazing though
now we finally heading down
long grade 5 miles at 5 percent and switch backs
        Here there is free range cattle so need to keep and eye out for them too.
Whatcha  doing here guys?
good thing we going slow
            We had packed a lunch just in case, but ended back home shortly after noon. Where we enjoyed our picnic right here. That was enough excitement for one day for us. We relaxed enjoyed our e-readers.A couple walkabouts then can whip up supper.
           Tonight some pan fried haddock fillets, acorn squash (with maple syrup) on the Weber Q  and a salad.
fish, squash and a grilled lemon
What a great way to wind up a day
           After another great day exploring some of the many sights here around Moab we can now take it easy, dark now anyway.
           Checked out our coach for tomorrow and we back on the road in the morning working our way  further south. So much to see here and we will be back here again I am sure. At least we saw what I wanted to see, THE ARCHES. But so much more to see as well.
          Thanks for stopping in and checking us out. Hope y'all had a great day too
Where have we been this Winter


  1. That's one beaurtiful ride...sorry about the discomfort on the narrow roads. Yiu were brave not to give in! Safe travels as you head south!

    1. Thanks so glad that we got to see this part of the USA and largely because of your pictures in you blog.
      The drive sure was worth it though just to see the amazing landscapes.

  2. Great pictures. I especially like the one with the golden trees sticking up. Jim has also decided to join the vertigo club but his it snt you bad. Not fun to drive when you are so tense. Safe travels south.

    1. The golden trees really stuck out such a contrast to all the other scenery.
      It's not a fun club to join just have to work around the issues, not looking down works.

  3. If your motorhome could not have climb Manti-Lasal Mountain National forest, what RV do you think could have gone.

    1. Maybe a small Class B, small travel trailer or truck camper, these campsites are more for tent campers.

  4. We did the same loop road and loved it. At the time a forest fire was under development coming from way down racing up the mountain. Quite scary.

    1. It is a worth while drive. That would have been scary, with the fire racing towards you, we could see were there had been a forest fire.

  5. We stopped at Red cliff winery. Very good and the views were amazing.
    You could spend a month in that area and still not see everything. Safe travels.

    1. Thought about stopping at the winery, but was too early in our trip to stop yet.
      You are so right about spending more time here, but we still want to get further south.

  6. Great photos and I definitely love your campsite.

  7. Sounds like an exciting drive and obviously very pretty. Those kind of roads don't bother me much but when I look down I feel my stomach flip a little.

    1. It was an exciting drive and looking down for me is a no no.


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