Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A wonderful Saturday in the desert.

Where are we today
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        The weather is cooling down now but still not too bad. High of 70 f today but felt cooler with no humidity, no sunshine and a cool sw wind about 15 mph as well as overcast all day. So no awning was needed but we did get some wonderful walkabouts the desert dirt here and puttered around.
not far from us
so much open space
is what we love
love the peaceful
times before it gets busy
       Best part was much more reading on our e-readers (and our time together), sheltered from the breeze outside, now this is what we enjoy. No need to tour around much we have seen most of the sights in the area over the years, but will maybe check out a few things at some point this winter.
overcast all day
which is rare
cozy here with no breeze
         Soon time to fire up our Weber Q to pan fry a couple cod fillets with our fish crispy breading. Added to a  fresh made salad for a very heart healthy supper.
so tasty
and hit the spot
about 5:30 another wonderful
desert sunset
        Just another wonderful day here at home dirt. Nothing we need to do other than enjoy this much milder weather than back home and the amazing scenery that we love (plus the free camping). This area is not for everyone but we prefer it much more than the other options of Texas, the Gulf coast or Florida. (been there done that) and will keep heading this way as long as we can.
        Thanks for stopping on by.
Where have we been this Winter


  1. Replies
    1. No we know the area pretty well and don't get that far from home. Just loving it though.

  2. We are not Florida lovers either. Just another day in paradise.

    1. So relaxing here and not crowded like Florida. Paradise for us it is.

  3. Weather is definitely cooling down. It's only supposed to be in the 60's for the next week or so.

    1. That's ok too, we can deal with that and some sunshine sire helps.

  4. Our motorcycle group rolled near you yesterday morning, on our route to Box Canyon, CA. We enjoyed coffees, after fuelling up.

    The clouds covered the sun the entire day during our 350 mile ride.

    1. We were at Dome Rock free area right now.
      Cloud cover all day here as well, glad you had a good ride.

  5. Can you please tell me what are the pro and cons of the places you Mention. Florida, Texas, Golf cost con pared with quartz site.
    Also why don't you go to Mexico.

    1. We spent 3 months in Mexico 2009 and 2010, loved it but was more expensive. Florida too busy, expensive too many bugs , Gulf coast humid as well as south Texas and bugs. They all have their good points, but we personally like the desert open spaces, not humid and no bugs and boon docking in the desert it what we love. You either love it or hate it.


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