Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, September 05, 2016

The long weekend is over, and time for people to head back to work and school, now it's gonna be so peaceful again.

Where are we today ?
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      What a perfect way to wind up the Labor Day Weekend. Cool nights and a warm sunny day up to about 83 f very nice in the shade. Nice walkabouts by myself and with Suzie, loving the wonderful fresh country air.
       The end of Labour Day weekend signalling the end of summer. Holidays over, kids back to school, so many people packing up all day long. We remember when, but so nice not to deal with that anymore. And so nice that the campgrounds will be quiet once again.
       We are camped on the road to the dump station, a lot of sites do not have sewer but we do, so the rigs were heading down and back until early afternoon, then all was quiet. A steady stream for a couple hours. 
we are on the road, down to the dump station
so waving good bye to everyone leaving
       By 2 pm most everyone is gone, so quiet here now it is amazing. Now we did get to enjoy more wonderful reading time in the shade and it was just perfect!
           For supper tonight I felt like a feast of chicken wings and had some in our freezer. Thawed them out and marinated all day with olive oil and spices to grill on our Weber Q.
           Got a few more walkabouts done between chapters in my book then about time to whip up supper. Preheat our Weber Q, make a tasty salad and some celery and carrot sticks as well as cauliflower with a dip, boy did we have a chicken wing feast, even some leftovers for lunch too.
about 20  minutes on our Weber,
turning about every 5 minutes were
 done to perfection
celery, carrots, cauliflower suicide sauce
and blue cheese dip
sure did the trick
       That was it for another nice relaxing day keeping busy people watching, reading and walkabouts.
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Had a small poem I have shared for years, (on Facebook) so suitable for today
 and love it,
memories of many years ago.

Twas the night before school started, when all through the town. 
The Parents were cheering... it was a riotous sound! 
By 8 pm the kids were washed and tucked into bed... 
Where memories of homework filled them with dread !
New Pencils, new folders, new notebooks too ! 
New Teachers, new friends.. 
Their anxiety grew! 
The parents just giggled when they learned of this fright-and shouted upstarts:
Go to bed it's a school night!

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. Thank you for that poem; it's so cute! Blessings, Lynn

    1. Thanks Lynnie I always enjoy it at this time of the year,.

  2. I agree. I'm so happy kids are back in school and the big holiday weekend is behind. Cute poem.

  3. We are sure happy too! The last of the camping weekends is done for this year. So quiet here too...still lots of seasonal trailers in the park because they have another two weeks to pick them up. But no people!

    1. A lot of Seasonal trailers here as well and not many people, makes for a very nice quiet campground. Wonderful.

  4. Yes, getting to be the nice time to be wandering with everything getting quieter. Did you notice in those three photos of trailers going by that the half ton trucks all looked overloaded? The fronts of the trailers were all low.

    1. Almost off of the trailers and trucks leaving were overloaded as they are most every weekend. they have to bring so much "stuff" just for a couple of days.

  5. Great looking supper - now I'm craving wings

  6. Cute poem!

    Love it here now too, just the residents left with the odd tourist passing thru. Don't have to worry about walking thru traffic any longer.

    1. Thanks, so nice now that the summer crunch is winding down.


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