Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Moved to Rock Glen resort today for the next 3 weeks, and enjoying the travel day and warm weather.

Where are we today ?
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       What a wonderful much cooler night last night, great for sleeping. Up nice and early and enjoyed a nice walkabout down by the river and around town for a while. Started off cool and by 8 am was warming up nicely.
couple hundred yards down the road
by the river
         A few hundred yards the other way into the village of Plattsville, sure do love this country side around here.
         In no hurry today only going down the road about 75 miles to Rock Glen Resort where we will spend the next 3 weeks here with full hookups, and no over night fees. Yup we love our Membership campgrounds.Yes we spent money for the membership over 10 years ago  but have more than got our money out of it and saved many thousands of dollars. 2-3 months camping with full hookups and no fees plus about 70 parks we can visit with no fees either, sure makes for an affordable lifestyle for us, we use the system.
        The nice thing about this time of year the campground is pretty well empty so peaceful Yahoo !
           A wonderful nice country drive to Arkona, we arrived here and checked in about noon today. On time for a nice tasty light lunch then finish setting up.
This is the place we enjoy,
the price is right
all set up here on our favorite site
we have things do do here too.
the view out our windshield
         Now after we set up Melinda walked by with Tucker and of course he made a bee line to come visit Suzie. He loves Suzie! 
Doggie fix and lotsa doggie kisses 
Tucker wants to play 
they have fun
     We then enjoyed a wonderful warm sunny fall day enjoying the peace and quiet and our e-readers.
      Then soon time to whip up supper. Tonight a turkey garlic sausage for Suzie and a chirozo sausage I picked  up a butcher at the St. Jacobs Market a couple weeks ago to try.
chirozo large sausage on the left
      Added that to our salad and sure was a winner, The Chirozo was very tasty and spiced just right, very similar to what I have sampled in Mexico and southern Arizona. Yep I will be getting more for sure.
sure hit the spot and of course
leftovers here for me
too spicy for Suzie
      A very nice warm September  day and now enjoying a very mild evening outside reading and blogging Until time to head inside.  .
     Hope your day was wonderful too, and thanks for stopping by.

 When we head south
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. Membership parks work for some and not so much for others. It depends on how they travel. We've had Thousand Trails for years and years. We used it more in the beginning but not so much the last few years. However, there's no way we'd get rid of it because we also have the RPI with it where we can stay at many other private parks. It sure works for us.

  2. We know how nice it is to settle in to one place for three weeks with full hookups. It looks like such a pretty spot too and that's a bonus. ENJOY

  3. Nice to see you back at your home park for a little stay. We hope to squeeze in a visit while you're there, we'll be in touch. Enjoy your peace.

  4. You must have your name on that spot. You always seem to get it. Nice one too.

  5. You do seem to get your moneys worth from the membership parks - good on you.


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