Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day trip to Bayfield and Volkfest on a wonderful warm sunny fall day.

Where are we today ? 
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       Hey it was cool again last night 52f, but did eventually warm up, by noon in the mid 70's f and that is just fine with the sunshine. Got the usual walkabouts for a couple miles after breaky then an early light lunch.
        Our plan today was to head up hwy 21 to Bayfield for the Volkfest today if the weather was good , and it was wonderful. Thanks to Rob from the park for posting on Facebook that we knew about it. We did not leave until 11 am just only an hours drive drive and did not start until noon anyway. And no we did not stop by to visit the Bayfield Bunch. even though they live just up the road. It was a last minute decision and don't like to just drop in on people even though we have met them a few times before.
       Perfect weather and next to no traffic. The summer season has ended with all the crowds here.
this was worth going to
       Arriving about noon after a nice country drive for about an hour. Losta Volkswagon vintage vehicles there on Clan Gregor Square. Think maybe a couple hundred. And mostly the old campers that VW made way back when.
Rob was one of the first we saw, with his
custom dune buggy
VW Thing, always wanted one of those
love the tilt windshield
Carmen Ghia, wanted one of those too 
nice old Porcshe
     I had 4 VW bugs over the years 1959, 1960, 1973 and a 1974 for parts to fix my 1973. My 1973 was my main car for about 3 years, in the early '80's. Very cold in the winter even with the gas heater. I blew the engine and bought the 1974 for spare parts and a good engine that I installed in my '73 Super Beetle. These were so easy to work on an engine swap by myself only about one hour. Then I saw this one below for Sale! 1973 Super Beetle would make a wonderful towed, but then Suzie kept me in line and said no :<(. Oh well I can dream right?
mine was baby Blue
      Lots of vendors there with food and stuff. And really not crowded at all so nice to wander about under the shade trees.
      This booth below offered FREE t shirts and everything you needed right here to make your own Tie dyed t shirts. Thought about it but then again, do we really need one? Hmm..
Tie dye shirts drying
        We saw all the cars and I enjoyed it more than Suzie. So being such a wonderful warm fall day we strolled Bayfield's main street. Yup it is a touristy area, Bistros, Cafe's, Pubs, high end clothing stores, expensive restaurants and artsy fartsy stuff. Not for us but a nice stroll anyway enjoying the fresh air and people watching. No crowds here either made it really nice as well.
this young fellow cruised around the block a few times
    Then we cruised down by the harbour and the beach. Some pretty fancy yachts and sailboats here to look at, impressive !
these guys just heading out
The beach is quiet but 4 people in swimming!
        After a couple hours here headed back to camp, picked up a few groceries in Grand Bend and home to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Read outside for a while then whip up super.
        Tonight a couple smoked pork chops to add to our salad, Cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes for a very tasty meal.
smoked chops on the Q about 3-4 minutes a side
so moist and tender
      After supper enjoyed some cooler outside weather, dressed accordingly, chat with a couple neighbors, reading and blogging until 8 pm, getting kinda cool so time to head inside.
       Glad that y'all dropped by for a visit and hope you had a great day too.

 When we head south
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. Great post George and Suzie.. Glad you made it up to see all the bugs... good thing they weren't the biting types. This was the 2nd year for this event and looking like its going to be an ongoing event
    Lots of fun and great people to meet walking around.

    1. Thanks Rob, it was so nice to be able go and see you guys there, sure brought back some memories for me and was a fun day.

  2. Hey George, what is in the pop up part of those vw campers? My sister and her husband did a year long trip to Europe in one back in '72 but it didn't have a pop up. Is it just 'stand up' space?

    1. In most of the VW pop ups is standing space and a large double bed, second floor sleeping. A lot of them have a small fridge. propane stove, small sink and portapottie wonderful design.

  3. I would have loved to see all those VWs. I have to smile at how people use the word VOLK. In German it is Volk for en entire group of people like fe.x. the whole Nation. But when you say VOLKFEST it is wrong. Just like VOLKSWAGEN has an S in it it shoulda be VOLKSFEST, especially when it is meant to hint about the Volkswagens on display. But like I said a great show of VWs. The moss-green VW Camper is what I had for a 3rd. vehicle. Loved that thing. Even though it is now 40 years agao that that model was available it still doesn't look like an old vehicle, but stands like a modern car.

    1. It was a great show and these vehicles still stand out and are amazing.
      Thanks for the correction of Volk I thought is should have had an S too, but it was not my party.

  4. Looks like fun day and I alwyas liked the original Bugs. I even owned a VW Bus at one time but rarely see them around here but lots of them out West.

    1. It was a fun day we really enjoyed it, I was amazed to see how many of them were there.

  5. I love all that throw back stuff. Looks like being in hippieville. Lol

  6. The old VWs have to be the world's most iconic vehicle. Probably the only thing that Adolf Hotler got right. A lovely day in Bayfield, sure looks trendy there...

    1. Yes Peter I believe you are right about the VW's.
      It is trendy place for sure, not our cup of tea.

  7. What fun for sure! I'd still like to have one of those VW vans. Just think what you could do with it.


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